Wet N Wild Limited Edition Coloricon Baked Eyeshadow Palette in Baking A Cake - Swatches

November 15, 2011

Good news: I was finally able to find these Wet N Wild baked palettes at a local Walgreens. Bad news: They only had two left. I ended up buying them both, but keeping one for Freebie Friday to giveaway on Facebook. So I only have swatches of one, which is the Baking A Cake palette.

My Review:
Since these are the first baked eyeshadows we have seen from Wet N Wild, I wish they would of put them in better packaging. I don't really like the "tray" that they come in. The eyeshadows themselves are great quality, as always with WNW. Super pigmented and the swatches are indeed done dry. You can also use these shadows wet, which makes the colors pop even more. The eyeshadows are gorgeous in the palette, very wearable and I will probably use this palette quite a bit. The eyeliner that comes with the palette is alright quality, I don't usually use them. That is just my preference, I use liquid liner on a daily basis, not pencil.

Have you found all three Wet N Wild Baked Palettes?

♥ Stephanie


  1. Lucky u found these, my Walgreen's still doesn't carry any of these! I've also  been looking for the WnW matte palette..and no luck yet! Thanks for the swatches...makes me want these palettes even more!!!

  2. I had seen the matte palette about 3 weeks ago and didn't get it. Now that I'm looking for it, they are all gone! Hopefully you find them soon! :)

  3. The colors are so gorgeous! I'm glad you got your palette and enjoy it.

  4. i haven't but i would love to get it^^

  5. I agree they really should've done better packaging....I got all 3.

  6. I've seen many reviews on wet n wild products but i'm not sure where to buy them here in the uk..I don't think I've seen them anywhere. would love to try them though! xxx

  7. they look awesome. I really like the one down in the middle. 


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