Review - La Fresh Oil-Free Face Cleanser and Makeup Wipes

March 30, 2011

Taking my makeup off after a long day can be a hassle, but I know it must be done. I use makeup wipes the most, versus a makeup remover liquid or cream. I feel like makeup wipes are way more faster and easier when I'm super tired at night. I have 2 reviews on 2 different products from La Fresh. One review is on their makeup wipes and the other on the face cleanser wipes

La Fresh Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes ($9.99) 24 wipes
Here is a few things the website states about these wipes:
  • Leaves no greasy residue
  • Instantly dissolves resistant makeup
  • 100% biodegradable wet wipes
  • For eyes & lips
  • Alcohol-free
My review:
I definitely do like these wipes. At first, they felt very dry and I thought they wouldn't work at all. The wipes ended up taking off all my makeup with no harsh rubbing, just very easy. I felt like it still left a little bit of a greasy residue, even though they state they won't. I always wash my face after I take my makeup off with a wipe, so I guess it didn't really bother me. I was going to wash my face either way. These makeup wipes do have a great lavender smell, that is very subtle but nice. My skin is very sensitive and I had no problems with using these wipes. 

Oil-Free Fragrance Free Face Cleanser Wipes ($9.99) 30 wipes
Here is what La Fresh says about these wipes:
  • Gently cleanses & detoxifies
  •  Effectively removes makeup
  • 100% biodegradable wet wipes
  • Fragrance-free
  • Alcohol-free
My review:
I am completely hooked on these, more then the makeup wipes. They take off my makeup extremely well, and since they are cleansing wipes, I feel like they cleanse and remove makeup all in one. My face feels nice and refreshing! No greasy residue AT ALL and they have no scent to them which I prefer. They do make some with a scent, but I love these. My skin seems to have been loving these wipes as well. No breakouts or really dry skin, none at all. If you want to try anything from them, I say get these! They are great.

Here is the La Fresh website if you want to check out any other products they have. For the nail polish obsessed (I know your out there), they even carry Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover Packets with a natural orange scent. If you want a review of that, let me know in the comments! :)

♥ Stephanie

Beauty Question of the Day - Lipstick or Lipgloss?

March 26, 2011

If you had to choose one, Lipstick or Lipgloss, which would you choose and why?

My Answer: I'm going to have to go with lipgloss. I love lipstick, but I tend to always have more lipglosses in my purse and even in my makeup stash. Lately, it's been lipstick but choosing one over the other: I would choose lipgloss.

What about you? Which would you choose?

♥ Stephanie

Flirt! Cosmetics Far Out Lengthening Mascara - Review

March 24, 2011

I've been trying out this mascara for couple weeks and I have to say right away that I am really surprised by this mascara. I'm usually really picky when it comes to mascara, and this one I can't put down. So that tells me that I must love the way it works. 
Scary wand! 

Right when I pulled out the wand, I was kind of shocked and scared about using it. I was very skeptical it would even DO anything, and make my lashes look awful. But that didn't happen. This is a lengthening mascara, and it did just that. My lashes are already long, and this mascara made my lashes REALLY long. 

Here is how they describe the Far Out Lengthening mascara:
Take lashes above and beyond. Far Out lashes are lifted, separated, and hyper-extended. Ophthalmologist tested. Safe for contact lens wearers.
Here are my lashes with the mascara. Since my lashes are so straight, I curl my lashes, apply mascara, then curl again. So this is after. I love the way my lashes look and the curl will stay all day long. The close up picture does kind of show a few lashes sticking together. I can fix that with a lash comb. Overall, I think this is a great mascara and also great for the price. (retail price: $12 at Kohl's stores).

♥ Stephanie

E.L.F. Studio Lip Stain in Heartbreaker - Swatch and Review

March 21, 2011

I have to be upfront and say that I absolutely hate lip stains. Even with all the lip stains that have been coming out with different brands, I just can't seem to buy any of them. So when I saw this E.L.F. lip stain at Target, I was so ready to put it down and not get it. This one was on clearance for $1.98 (they are normally $3) so I didn't see any loss if I hated it.

Preview: Napoleon Perdis Skincare Collection Spring 2011 at Target

Napoleon Perdis will now be offering skin care products, 4 to be exact, that are geared towards protecting the complexion, restore radiance, and boost elasticity. There is also a new two-in-one foundation and concealer that is meant to create a flawless finish. Here are the new products for Spring and their description:

NP Set Purifying Facial Cleanser ($19)
Featuring a blend of fruit, floral and plant extracts and an uplifting scent, whisks away makeup and impurities without drying the skin. The combination of mandarin orange, carrot, tomato and spinach extracts offers antioxidant, soothing and detoxifying benefits. The cleanser also contains aloe vera extract, shea butter and moringa seed to help enhance and shield the complexion.

NP Set Detoxifying Facial Toner ($19)
A refreshing toner that gently yet efficiently removes traces of makeup, oil and impurities. The toner also contains green tea extract, allantoin and pro vitamin B5 to help tone, detoxify and reduce skin irritation, leaving skin feeling clean, calm and revitalized.

 NP Set Wake Me Up Day Cream ($29)
This nutrient-rich moisturizer merges natural extracts and technology, nourishing the complexion and leaving skin smooth and hydrated. The blend of nourishing ingredients, including rice extract, rose extract, argan oil and moringa seed, as well as vitamins A and E, ensures supple and youthful skin.

NP Set Say Goodnight Night Cream ($29)
A nutrient-rich night cream that restores skins elasticity as you sleep. The combination of ingredients helps to regenerate cells and replace lost moisture. Shea butter softens, pro vitamin B5 protects, and moringa seed purifies the complexion. Glyceryl glucoside, a new anti-aging ingredient based on nature’s own survival strategies, helps repair the skin’s texture.

NP Set It Takes Two Concealer and Foundation Pot ($35)
  This dual-purpose cover-up creates a flawless complexion in just two steps. The advanced lightweight foundation has a whipped consistency and a long-lasting velvety finish. Enclosed in the top of the product is a matching concealer to mask discoloration, blemishes and dark circles. Available in Light, Medium, and Dark shades, the compact duo is ideal for on-the-go glamour.
I'm really interested in trying out these products. This collection should already be available at Target stores. If not, it will happen sometime this month.
♥ Stephanie

Images and info provided by Target PR.

NOTD - Maybelline Express Finish in Pink Prism

March 19, 2011

 This polish is part of the Maybelline Limited Edition Spring 2011 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Makeup Collection. I couldn't find any of the new displays anywhere, but got lucky at a different CVS in the next city over from me. Plus, I got even luckier when they still had a lot of $1 off coupons, so I used one. This color is a light pink, almost towards beige with shimmer to it. 

I have never tried or owned one of these Express Finish polishes, so I was curious to see if it indeed does dry that fast. For me, it definitely did. I kept thinking I had to wait around for my nails to dry when they were already dry within a minute. Amazing!

Hope you enjoyed this!

♥ Stephanie

EOTD - Lucky Me!

March 16, 2011

I could not wait to use my green Inglot eyeshadows and it was perfect timing that St. Patrick's Day is this week. 

Here's a quick breakdown of what I used:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
NYX Milk Eyeshadow Pencil
Inglot Eyeshadows in 477, 58, 463, and 496
MAC Liquid Eyeliner 
Chanel Inimitable Mascara

Let me know what you think! Have a great rest of your week and a great St. Patrick's Day on Tomorrow!  :)

♥ Stephanie

Inglot 10 pan palette - Swatches and Review (Colors)

March 15, 2011

Finally I have got around to swatching my Inglot 10 pan palettes. This post will focus on my color palette and will have another post for my neutral palette. I ended up getting my palette for an amazing show price at The Makeup Show, but they are still $50 for a palette of 10 eyeshadows which I think is a great price. Also, there was talk that the price is going up in May. Is is NOT going to go up in the U.S. which was confirmed by Inglot himself at The Makeup Show. Jessica, over at, has an Inglot guide for the different eyeshadow finishes and reference to online shopping with Inglot that might help if your new to Inglot. Check out the rest of her blog while your there! :)
I wanted to get a mix of all different colors and I'm super happy with the ones I chose.
DS 474, Matte 392, DS 477, Matte 372, DS 504
Matte 361, DS 491, AMC 58, AMC 17, DS 483
 Keep in mind that the ones that have a lot of shimmer, are going to be a little harder to photograph. The eyeshadows themselves are amazing, as I had expected. They are incredibly pigmented and look so pretty on. They look more amazing in real life, but hopefully the swatches are useful if/when you decide to purchase from them.They now have an online shop at

Let me know what you think!

♥ Stephanie

Beauty Question of the Day - Favorite Mascara?

March 12, 2011

What's your favorite mascara and why?
My answer: I have tried so many mascaras, and always keep going back and buying the same one. For me, it's Chanel Inimitable mascara. It does everything I need it to do: separates, keeps my lashes curled, and gives a lot of length.

What's yours? Answer below! :)

♥ Stephanie

Inglot Sleeks Cream Lip Paint Review

March 11, 2011

Lipstick lover, lip balm junkie, lipgloss hoarder. This is me in a nutshell. Lip products are probably my most bought makeup products. I probably have lip colors that look almost the same, but can never seem to not buy a new lipgloss/lipstick when I'm out. 
I picked up this lipgloss from Inglot while I was at The Makeup Show LA, and ever since I bought it, I cannot put it down. If you HATE sticky lipglosses, this one is for you! This is non-sticky and will still stays on your lips. 
Swatch of #94
Picture of color from website.
I feel like the website picture makes it look way darker than this color is. Is that just me? First thing is the smell of this. It's almost like a cupcake or cotton candy smell, which is love in a lipgloss.I heard that these Cream Lip Paints are the only ones that smell good versus the other lipglosses from Inglot. I can't say since I've never tried any others. This color is so gorgeous regardless. It makes my lips feel so smooth and moisturized, and definitely pigmented which is what's so nice about them. I definitely need to own at least one of every color. 

Just a side note, now you can order Inglot online if you are in the U.S. ( If you are thinking about their lip products, I urge you to try at least one of these! Do it! Haha.

♥ Stephanie

Beauty Question of the Day - Favorite Drugstore Nail Polish Brand?

March 7, 2011

What's your favorite drugstore nail polish brand and why?
My Answer: It is definitely a toss up between Wet N Wild and Revlon. If I had to choose one over the other, it would be Revlon. They have a great nail formula that lasts for days, great colors, and super easy to apply.

  Answer this question below! :)

♥ Stephanie

Inglot Blush Palette - Swatches and Review

March 3, 2011

 When I went to The Makeup Show LA, I couldn't help myself and buy some Inglot. I actually had no intention on buying a blush palette, but one particular beauty blogger (Milan from Milan Rouge) was buying one and the blushes looked too amazing to pass up. I'm so happy I did, I can't stop using this palette ever since I bought it.

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