Anastasia All Eye Want Palette - Swatches and Review

November 3, 2011

Right now is the perfect time to get those holiday makeup sets for an amazing price and before they sell out.  When I saw this palette, I knew I was going to buy it, no question. I have other eyeshadow palettes from Anastasia, so I knew these would be the same great quality. This set retails for $32 ($90 value) which is kind of shocking considering everything you are getting.

This set contains:
- 9 Illumin8 Eye Shadows in matte beige, bronze taupe shimmer, matte peach ivory, gold shimmer, matte camel, silvery taupe shimmer, dark brown with gold shimmer, champagne shimmer, matte chocolate brown with gold flecks
- 0.1 oz Lash Lifting Mascara in black
- 0.085 oz Clear Brow Gel
- Double-Ended Brush
Packaging: So one of the first things you might notice is the packaging. I like the way the palette is more on the simple side and looks clean. Inside there is a decent sized mirror, which I do like, doesn't end up being too handy for me. I tend to do my makeup with my own stand up vanity mirror. If I did need a palette for on-the-go, traveling, this would be something I would definitely take. I did notice that some of the shadows are a bit off center, which slightly bothers me. Probably OCD kicking in, like I want each one to be exactly symmetrical with each other.

Eye Shadows: I knew the eye shadows would be amazing, and they are. If you have never tried Anastasia Eye Shadows, this palette is perfect for you to see how incredible they are. Greatly pigmented and easy to apply. I know some would see this and think, WOW so boring. I'm definitely a neutral shadow girl, so this palette is ideal for me.

Mascara: This mascara was just not for me. My lashes are super straight so I need something that will hold curl and my lashes are full so I don't need any volume. It felt a bit like it was weighing down my lashes instead of giving them the "lift" they needed.

Brow Gel: Brow gel might seem like a unimportant beauty product to some, but this thick eyebrow-ed beauty NEEDS brow gel. Anastasia Brow Gel is the best you can find. Period.

Overall: I feel like this palette is an excellent price for what you get. Even though it has a few things that I didn't enjoy, the main focus is the eye shadows. They are all neutral colors, but you can create many different looks from day to night. This palette is a great way to try something from Anastasia that you might not have yet. The value is incredible and you won't be disappointed.

I hope this review was helpful.You can buy this palette from

Would you buy this palette? Let me know in the comments what Anastasia products you own.

♥ Stephanie 


  1. I would definitely purchase this palette. I knew Anastasia (which is my little sister's name also) was known for her brow abilities and products, but not her shadows! 

  2. omg this looks so amazing! so tempting! ooooooo christmas is coming soon.... xxx

  3. The packaging is so freaking cute! Thanks for the swatches!

  4. Love these colors, so so so pretty!
    and they seem to carefully pick the colors
    nice post! thanks^_^♥

  5. I've been looking at this, I'm a big Anastasia fan too. You've convinced me to grab it with my Sephora VIB discount! thanks for the review!

  6. You're so welcome! Let me know how you like it.