Brand Bests #8 - Anastasia Products (Brows Edition)

August 29, 2010

Brows make your whole face. No one knows that better than Anastasia Soare, the definitive brow expert. She has been the go-to beauty specialist for top celebs in LA, and has turned perfect brows into an essential. She has expanded her brow products with now eye makeup all available at Sephora. Ever since I first tried her products, I can really say that I am definitely a big fan and will continue to use nothing but Anastasia products for my eyebrows. These are just my personal favorites that I tend to use most often. Know that this is from my experience with each item that I have loved from each brand. This is my opinion always.

 Brow Fix ($21)

Brow Fix is simply brow wax that will hold your brows in place. It's simple, but I personally love having brow wax in a pencil-form. It's way easier and faster to you it this way as opposed with a brush. Plus if I need to take it with me, it's not a hassle.

Brow Stix ($14)

When I have let my ferocious eyebrows get really out of control and in need of a clean up, I use these and just do it myself. I feel like for $14, it's so worth buying for those times you don't have time to go and get your eyebrows done, or simply don't want to spend the money.  It comes with all kinds of different shapes, so your bound to find one for your brow shape. You just place the stencil, fill it in, take the stencil off and tweeze hairs that are outside where you filled, and groom like normal.

Brow Definer ($22)
 My most favorite brow pencil and gel all-in-one. Perfect for on-the-go touch ups if I need it. Such a time saver. This pretty much speaks for itself. Just a brow pencil and clear brow gel. Love it.

Highlighting Brow Kit ($32)
This is great for brows and eyelids. Left side is for filling in brows, whatever shade you need. Can also be used wet or dry. Then the right side is for highlighting and the three colors can each be used as an all over eyeshadow as well. Also has a small mirror inside which is great.

All products are available at, Sephora stores, or

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this Brand Bests :)

♥ Stephanie
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