Brand Bests #8 - Anastasia Products (Brows Edition)

August 29, 2010

Brows make your whole face. No one knows that better than Anastasia Soare, the definitive brow expert. She has been the go-to beauty specialist for top celebs in LA, and has turned perfect brows into an essential. She has expanded her brow products with now eye makeup all available at Sephora. Ever since I first tried her products, I can really say that I am definitely a big fan and will continue to use nothing but Anastasia products for my eyebrows. These are just my personal favorites that I tend to use most often. Know that this is from my experience with each item that I have loved from each brand. This is my opinion always.

 Brow Fix ($21)

Brow Fix is simply brow wax that will hold your brows in place. It's simple, but I personally love having brow wax in a pencil-form. It's way easier and faster to you it this way as opposed with a brush. Plus if I need to take it with me, it's not a hassle.

Brow Stix ($14)

When I have let my ferocious eyebrows get really out of control and in need of a clean up, I use these and just do it myself. I feel like for $14, it's so worth buying for those times you don't have time to go and get your eyebrows done, or simply don't want to spend the money.  It comes with all kinds of different shapes, so your bound to find one for your brow shape. You just place the stencil, fill it in, take the stencil off and tweeze hairs that are outside where you filled, and groom like normal.

Brow Definer ($22)
 My most favorite brow pencil and gel all-in-one. Perfect for on-the-go touch ups if I need it. Such a time saver. This pretty much speaks for itself. Just a brow pencil and clear brow gel. Love it.

Highlighting Brow Kit ($32)
This is great for brows and eyelids. Left side is for filling in brows, whatever shade you need. Can also be used wet or dry. Then the right side is for highlighting and the three colors can each be used as an all over eyeshadow as well. Also has a small mirror inside which is great.

All products are available at, Sephora stores, or

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed this Brand Bests :)

♥ Stephanie

Urban Decay! Finally!

August 25, 2010

Hopefully you have heard by now, that yes, Urban Decay has finally made their Eyeshadow Primer Potion in a new squeeze tube that is the professional size. This one is also 25ml larger than the original size which is way better for all the people that love UDPP. Retails for $29.
These pics below were posted on Urban Decay's Facebook page:

What do you think? 

♥ Stephanie

NOTD - Revlon Tropical Temptation

Wow! 800+ readers! Just wanted to say a quick Hello to all my new readers and thanks to everyone that have been continuous readers of my blog. It always means so much to me to read your comments and suggestions. So this was just a quick thank you to everyone for being so amazing :) Now into my NOTD.

This will probably be my last bright summer color I will be having on my nails. I feel like already moving onto fall colors. I just can't wait. Haha. This Revlon nail polish in Tropical Temptation is just a gorgeous coral color, being more on the orange side than the camera picked up. The application was easy, as always is with Revlon polishes. This took about 2 coats and is just an all around fun color.

What is your NOTD? Share below!

♥ Stephanie

Review - Goody Spin Pin

August 22, 2010

Goody Spin Pin. I know I'm late in getting these, but finally got my hands on them and seriously excited about them. Now, when you have long, thick, wavy hair like I do, it is heavy. Every hair tie, hair clip, bobby pin, cannot hold my hair. And if it does, it's for about 1 minute and falls right down. Usually it's a big struggle and getting frustrated is an understatement. I have to count from 1 to 10, and yeah it's a big hassle.
They come in 2 colors, Blonde and Brunette. Goody actually sent me the Blonde ones, so I ended up going out and buying the Brunette ones at Target for $5.99. Inside has 3 easy hair styles that you can do. They are supposed to hold just as good as 20 bobby pins! So what did I think of it?

Best hair product ever! I put my hair up in less than 1 minute and it was secure. My hair didn't move all day long. From running errands to running after my 2 year old, never budged. I thought after a while they would hurt. Not the case. I could barely feel them and once I did want my hair down, they were just as simple to take out as they were to put in. You just have to make sure that they do not interlock because then you won't be able to get them out. Love them so much and will not go back to using a clip or regular bobby pins.

Have you tried these? What do you think?

♥ Stephanie

Review - Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner

August 19, 2010

Hey everyone! So this is just going to be kind of quick review post. Nothing too long, just enough to let you know how the product worked. I never used a leave-in conditioner prior to this one. Actually this is my first product I have ever tried from Aussie. I have always heard pretty good things about Aussie, so I figured I would give this a shot.
I'm completely sold on this stuff. Okay, first things first is the smell. It's almost like a coconut smell which I really like. Also I can spray a lot and it doesn't make my hair too soaked or bother me. It will just make my hair softer the more I use. Of course you can't go overboard, but you get what I mean. I definitely don't use this though if I had straightened my hair. It will make my hair go back to being wavy. But when I do wear my natural, I'm always grabbing this to reduce my frizz that I may have and just to make my hair smell good! So for me and the way my hair can be unruly, definitely a great buy!

Short, sweet, and quick review! :)

Have you tried this by Aussie? Or any product I should try by them? Let me know in comments!

♥ Stephanie

ELLE's Best Makeup For Redheads

August 18, 2010

Just wanted to do a quick post letting all you lovely redheads know about the article has up right now. It features a photo gallery of the best makeup looks for redheads with tips and tricks from celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin on how to achieve each look. From gel eyeliner to the perfect lipstick, you will find a product that suites you and your gorgeous hair color.

“A tinted moisturizer with a yellow undertone will cut any redness while also evening out the appearance of your skin,” says Goodwin.

For the rest of the tips, go to for more!

♥ Stephanie

Brand Bests #7 - Redken Hair Care

August 17, 2010

When I was in Cosmetology school I experimented with so many different kinds of hair care products. I thought I would share a few products that have worked for me with the type of hair that I have. Keep in mind that my hair is long, thick, and wavy. These products work for me, and depending on how your own hair, they might not work for you.  Also I want to add this to my Brand Bests series because this post will be focused on Redken products. Redken formulates superior hair products and leads the professional salon industry with shampoos, conditioners, styling products and hair color. What are my favorites? Let's begin!

Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow-Dry Lotion
I don't usually blow dry my hair very often, but when I do I always use this. It helps to reduce friction and breakage when you blow-dry. It also protects your hair from any heat your going to be using on your hair.It's supposed to protect your hair color as well. I don't color my hair too often, so don't really see a difference there. Definitely does decrease the time I have to blow dry my hair which is good since I have the most thickest and longer hair on earth. Haha. Afterward, my hair feels softer and more manageable.

Redken UV Rescue Protective Oil
 I carry this with me every time I go to the beach. That's mainly when I use this too because it protects my hair from the sun and the outside environment around me I always have to use a little bit because it will make your hair oily if you use too much. Sadly this product is discontinued, but luckily I still have enough to last me for a while. 

Redken Vinyl Glam 02 Mega Shine Spray
This will leave your hair super shiny. And that's it. Whenever I'm going to straighten my hair, I use this once I'm finished styling. Just to give it a polished look and doesn't weigh down my hair.

Redken Fresh Curls Anti-Frizz Shiner
I use this one the most. When I air dry my hair and it tends to be really wavy, I use this to tame my mane. Haha. It smooths, refines, and helps block humidity in the air for all day control. I love the way it smells and is another product that doesn't weigh my hair down. It's just enough to keep my hair in tact.

Hope you enjoyed a different type of Brand Bests post! :)

Let me know in the comments if you want me to focus on a different hair care brand or even another makeup brand that I haven't focused on yet!

♥ Stephanie

Milani Dress Maker

August 16, 2010

Okay so I have been hearing so much about Milani Dress Maker nail polish that it was a must have for me to seek out and find. Anytime I want to hunt down new collections, I always have to go a CVS that's in a different city instead of the one right across the street from me. Literally right across. Does that ever happen to you? Feels like a pet peeve of mine that they don't keep up with the new collections. Even when I know they are supposed to be out at a certain time. Okay sorry about my little rant, haha. Anyways, here is Milani Dress Maker:

When applying it's very sheer, so this took about 4 coats and you can still faintly see a visible line. It's definitely a lovely shade that I adore! I have been hearing this particular color is a dupe of the very famous Chanel Jade nail polish. Sadly, I don't have my own comparison but Stephanie over at Steph's Closet has a great comparison of the two.

♥ Stephanie

Review - Wet N Wild Mega Last Lipsticks

August 12, 2010

I love Wet N wild. Such great products and an amazing affordable price. I have a few of their eyeshadow palettes and the eyeliner, but never tried their lipsticks. I had been hearing a lot about these Wet N Wild Mega Last lipsticks, and thought I would try them out for myself.  Wet N wild says on their website:
This 4-hour long wearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, creme finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn't cake feather or bleed.

These are the 3 that I bought:
901B Think Pink, 902C Bare It All, 903C Just Peachy

For being semi-matte, they are very moisturizing, which was a nice surprise. I put Think Pink on in the morning, and it lasted a good 2 almost 3 hours. I did have to re-apply but again was long lasting. They do each have numbers on the bottom, but the names of them are on the plastic you take off when you open them. Which is a real bummer because I would rather have the name instead of the number on the bottom. Maybe they will change that, maybe not. I prefer the name, but that's just me. Still can't believe they were only $3 each! What a bargain for an amazing lipstick that will not dry out your lips. Such a great buy!

Here is the swatches for the ones I bought:

Hope you enjoyed! 

Have you tried these? Which ones do you have?

♥ Stephanie

NOTD - Revlon Peach Smoothie

August 7, 2010

 I had been wanting one of these Revlon scented nail colors, so I decided to snag this up this week. I completely picked this color because I love a good nude nail polish. Also with the name "Peach Smoothie", I figure I can't go wrong.  

 Sadly, I love the color more than the smell. To me, I enjoyed it for the first hour, then after that it started to get on my nerves. Luckily within the next few days it kind of started to fade, and now I can barely smell it. I really adore the color, and it's been lasting. This is day 5 and no chipping.

Just a short and sweet post :)

♥ Stephanie

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