Purminerals Foundation Primer in Green - Review

December 29, 2009

I have noticed as I am getting older, my skin is getting a lot more sensitive and fairly more redness as well. I always just covered up the redness with concealer and then foundation on top. But sometimes doing that I would really have to maake sure it was blended really well. If not, it could look really caked on and blah.

When Purminerals wanted to send me a product to try of theirs, I asked if I could try their foundation primer in green. They did and I will buy this again and again. I love it so much!

Features & Benefits of Colour Correcting Foundation Primer in Green:

- Conceals redness due to acne and other skin imperfections.
- Evens skin tone.
- Diminishes skin imperfections.
- Smoothes out skin texture.
- Use of Titanium Dioxide softens skin.
- Silicone-based formula.
- Naturally fragranced.

I completely fell in love with this stuff! Its very light, yet erases any redness from your face. I have redness around the corners of my nose and a little on my cheeks. I used this after I washed my face and all the redness was gone. I wore it alone for a few days. Then when I was going somewhere, I wore it under my foundation and it was flawless. So amazing!!

Check it you here on their website. Do you have any redness in your skin? What do you use to conceal? Let me know! :)

♥ Stephanie

Balmshell Review

December 25, 2009

Well hello to all my amazing readers! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas/Holiday! Mine was very relaxing and had a great time with family. Now, for me, it's time to get back on track in the blogging world.

I was sent a Balmshell lip gloss and a few samples of other colors to review. I really like the way the lipgloss smells and the way it looks on. It's very sheer where you could wear it alone or I if you wanted, could wear it over a lipstick to give you extra shine.

Here are just a few of the colors they offer. Aren't they cute?! One side has the lipgloss, and the other side has a moving illustration unique to each shade and story line. I used to have one of those on a keychain and used to love it before I lost it =/

Here is the color I got (Shopaholic):

And I love this, when your done with the lipgloss, you can unscrew the illustration and attach it to the keyring that comes with it! I want to get all of them. hehe =D

More about the lipgloss: Every color is very wearable, anytime of anyday. I thought it would be sticky. Not sticky at all. Balmshell is slightly flavored with a hint of natural fruity vanilla which I really like. Also it's very moisturizing for being a lip gloss. It's kind of like a lipgloss and lip balm in one. Very practical. Even for some girls that don't wear a lot or any makeup at all, this is for them.

So you can actually get them at sephora! Or check them out on their website as well!
Let me know if you have tried them, or what you think =)

♥ Stephanie

China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns - Part 2

December 13, 2009

Alright, so Im sure you already saw part 1, now here are the last 3 that are in the collection.
The pics didn't come out as great, but as long as you can see the true color of each one, then the pictures should be fine.

The Ten Man

This color is a very true, almost platinum silver. I have left this color on my nails for now. It is the most amazing silver EVER!

Cowardly Lyin'

Glittery Gold. Too great for words. Seriously!

Ruby Pumps

Now let me explain why this one looks different. This ruby red with glitter was so hard to photograph for me. Everytime I would take the picture, it would come out like a solid bright red! oh no, not the color at all! Finally had to use a white background with no flash and THIS picture is the exact color of the ruby red. So glad at the very end I got the picture right. I will be wearing this color on christmas! =D

So there you have it! Im no nail pro at these nail swatches, so I hope you enjoyed!

♥ Stephanie

China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns - Part 1

Hello hello!! So who is excited about this collection? I certainly am! China Glaze decided to return this beautiful collection and so happy they did! It first came out in 2001 and now is being re-released in Spring 2010. So I'm doing this in 2 parts.. Just cause I need to still do the other swatches and didn't want to wait to put these up!

Good Witch?

For being a pink, which I try desperately not to wear too much pink, I would wear this color a lot! The most amazing pink ever!


This is the best picure I could get that was so close to the color. This purple is beyond amazing in person. Believe me!

Dorothy Who?

This blue nail polish has the most glitter I have seen! I love love love this blue!! Thats it. You just need it.

Okay so there are the first 3 from the collection. Let me know in the comments what you think! Hopefully you tend on buying these!!! Everyone needs these!

♥ Stephanie

Nailene *New And Improved* Nails

November 19, 2009

Now I know wrote a post already about Nailene Nails, but I wanted to post about their new and improved nails that they are going to have out very soon! These nails have longer wear, more comfortable, and look more natural. I tried them and compared them to the others, and I honestly

Nailene Nails Review

November 13, 2009

Hello everyone! So first off, just want to say HI to all my new followers! WOW can't believe I have 415 readers. amazing! Thanks to everyone for loving my blog. I love writing, it seems to come naturally for me =).

So before I start getting to lovey, this post is a review on Nailene Nails. I have to admit this is my first time trying press-on nails. Everytime I used to either get a manicure or go and spend $20 or more on acrylic nails. Doubt I will be doing any of those options anytime soon, because I am really liking these nails.

Here are a few pics:

I didn't know what else to "clutch", so I chose my new clutch purse. HA! But you can see how natural they look! It took me about 10 minutes to complete them on both hands.

These are the nails that I used:

Nailene's Light-As-Air Nails in Medium Length/Square Shape

Now these ones are a really good length and I love if I'm going out and never got a manicure for the longest time, I can easily put these on and go.

So hope you enjoyed! And also let me know:
Have you tried press on nails or these ones? What are your likes/dislikes?
Let me know!
I adore reading everyone's comments!

♥ Stephanie

Review: To Better Skin Anti-Aging Serum

November 3, 2009

This review is going to be a little different. I have not been using it , but my mom has. So this review is coming from my mom and I and what we have witnessed in this product.

My mom has been on the hunt for a cream, liquid, serum, anything that is anti-aging. She was so desperate to even buy one of those anti-aging kits at the drugstore that can run from $50 and more. Luckily, I was sent a product from jeune d'age Organics. So I gave it to her to try and see how she would like it.

What I love about this product right away, is that it is all organic. No harsh chemicals, fragrances, or preservatives. Completely vegan friendly! The serum is loaded with so many antioxidants like Acai Berry, CoQ10, and vitamins C, A, B, and E.

Here are her thoughts on To Better Skin Anti-Aging Serum:

- The texture is great. Not too greasy, and too thin.
- Right away noticed my skin was softer and more firm.
- The cost is inexpensive.
- Almost completely diminished my crows feet and wrinkles after a week of use.

I honestly tried to get a negative out of my mom somewhere, but she says no negaives here! Works for her completely!

If you or someone you know that has been looking for a great product for anti-aging, please look into To Better Skin. You will not regret it!

Here are a few links:

And why not save now? Use code 908DeLamb when you check out for free shipping!

♥ Stephanie

Threading, Waxing, Tweezing, OUCH!

October 23, 2009

Hey everyone! So I wanted to do a post strictly about the brows. A lot of times we do so many posts about eye shadow, mascara, liners, etc. that the brows are forgotten.

Everyone has their own way of getting their eyebrows done.

I personally always get my eyebrows threaded. Have you ever tried it? I personally love it better than waxing. The wax used to make my eyebrows so irritated and red, it took about 2 hours to fade away and be normal. When I get them Threaded, they still get red (only because I have really sensitive skin) but goes away within 15 mintues. I also notice when I get them threaded, the re-growth is slower which is always good.

But everyone's experience will be different. So I want to know, what do you do to your eyebrows? Do you ever thread them? Wax them? Just tweeze them yourself? Let me know!! I cant wait to read your answers!

♥ Stephanie

Nailene Review

October 14, 2009

Hey everyone! It raining here in California! If you follow me on twitter you know I love the rain! So, what better thing to do but do my nails. Being on a budget, I can't afford getting a manicure like I used to all the time. Plus being a mom, no time either.

I tried Nailene products for the first time this week. I have to honestly say that their products are so simple to use, and not messy at all. The first thing that caught my attention, was the packaging. I love how everything is easy! Other nail packages I have used, I barely open it and everything goes everywhere. not fun. But Nailene's packaging is so easy to take everything in and out.

Here are my nails plain and blah:

And here are my nails using Nailene:

What I liked were the French Polish Guides. They work really well and make the white nail polish straight everytime! Another great thing, is that the polishes dry so fast!! I was amazed! I did my whole manicure within 15 minutes and they were completely dry!

No negatives here. I was really impressed. I will be doing more with Nailene, so you can see different products that are all great =)

Check them out here:

♥ Stephanie

Urban Decay Shadow Box Swatches

October 13, 2009

Hey Lovelies! I don't own a lot of Urban Decay so I was super excited to get this shadow box. I have to admit that now I am addicted and want everything! I personally love this box because of the amazing and vibrant colors. Here are some pictures.

The whole set includes:
6 eye shadows named:
Top Row: Snatch, Mildew, Flash
Bottom Row: PainKiller, Smog, Toasted
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
Mini Shadow Primer Potion
For = $30! Worth it!

Here are swatches:

In person, Pain Killer is the brightest blue I have! It is beyond vibrant! I love all of them though. Looks coming soon =D

Hope you beauties and doing fab!

♥ Stephanie

Exposed Organics

September 25, 2009

I have been trying a lot of different mineral makeup and I have to say I like it. Exposed Organics is new to me and actually found out about them from Vanessa at van's makeup ride. Thank you Vanessa for Exposing me to this amazing company! Everything is completely vegan using the purest ingredients which is a big plus =)

Here are a few Eye Dust colors that I recieved:





These colors are so vibrant! I'm going to try and do a couple looks this weekend. If you get the chance check them out! Here are a few links:

♥ Stephanie

Maybelline Waterproof Pulse Perfection Mascara

September 24, 2009

Hey gorgeous girls! Here is my review of the Pulse Perfection in waterproof.

Claims it will:
- Luscious Thickness
- Luxurious Length
- Smooth Seperation
- Intense Color
- Shapely Curve
- Healthy Luster
- Zero Clumps

What I think:
Now I don't know about all those fancy words. A little too much for me. But I will give you some solid truth.
- Did thicken my lashes
- Curl has stayed all day! :)
- Does seperate my lashes
- No clumping at all

And another thing that wasn't negative or positive. With the vibration, it was tickling my lashes, if that makes any sense. I just have to get used to it. All in all I would buy it again. I usually pay $40 for mascara, so this is a way better buy in my eyes.

                 Before                                                                          After

What do you think? Have you tried it? Let me know in the comments! Hope everyone has a fantastic day! ♥

Shop It To Me

September 7, 2009

I had found this website from another lovely blogger Yana and thought I would pass it along! Its called Shop It To Me and it's free!!

What is Shop It To Me?

You can think of Shop It To Me as your free personal online shopper. Select your favorite apparel brands (such as Prada, Armani, Ella Moss, Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, DKNY, or BCBG) and sizes. They scour the websites of leading retailers like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Banana Republic, Gap, Zappos and Bluefly and send you a Salemail™ - a daily or weekly email summary of which new items go on sale in your size. It so much easier to when you just want to see whats on sale from your favorite brands.

To Sign up, Simply leave me comment with your e-mail and I will send you the invite or click here

New Look + More Awards :)

August 31, 2009

So you have to notice that I finally was able to get another column in my blog! WOO! I was super excited that I got it! I took seriously forever! haha. Please let me know if I should change the color of the font or anything I should add! I didn't want to make the font too bright. So let me know :D

Plus I recieved 2 more awards! Yay! I love awards! Always makes me feel like I'm doing something right. lol. I just love to blog whenever I get the chance to.

So Sara (The Makeup Snob) gave me this award:

And Paparazzi Skin (I love that name by the way) gave me this award:

Since I have done the Tags already that go along with these awards, I'm just simply going to say thank you so so much to the both of you for thinking about me and my little blog :D

♥ Another Award ♥

August 15, 2009

Wow I cant believe another award! I'm so happy and excited that everyone is so interested in my blog. I love being able to express how I feel about different things. Laura at A Bouquet of Beauty gave me this award and I can't thank her enough. Make sure you check out her blog, I love it!

Okay the rules are to list my 5 obsessions which I have already did, so I won't bore you on any more. haha. And I am supposed to nominate 5 blogs to give the award to, but I can't just pick 5! I love everyone's blog! So I'm going to leave it at I nominate everyone hehe. Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend and be back soon! ♥

First Award YAY!

August 11, 2009

Wow me? an award?! I was given this award by Tackyblueeyeshadow and I can't thank her enough for nominating me and even thinking about my blog. I just started blogging a few months ago and I am so excited that my blog is enjoyed by everyone!

I am supposed to nominate 12 blogs that I love to read. AH this is so hard because I read so many different and unique blogs that I don't know if I can choose. Okay here it goes:

Honestly I love reading everyone blogs and thanks again for nominating me ♥

Products I Cant Live Without

May 21, 2009

These are my products that are a must for me everyday, well, pretty much everyday. First, I use makeup remover towelettes to take all my makeup off. I use target brand makeup removers. my skin is sensitive and I really didn't think they would work.. but they do the job and keep my skin feeling soft.

for face:
-MAC studio stick concealer
-Dior Dior skin Fluide (has 12 SPF)
-MAC studio fix

for eyes:
-MAC liquid eye liner in boot black
- Chanel inimitable mascara in black

for lips:
- Chanel glossimer in glaze

these are the products I'm always running out of, and always keep buying! I seem to not get enough!

hello everyone!

okay here we go! welcome everyone to my blog. im stephanie and i am a makeup artist/cosmotologist. cant wait to share all the products i have come to love, and some that just dont work for me. any questions feel free to e-mail me and ask away! <3
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