L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Mascara Review

November 11, 2011

I have been wanting to get a new mascara lately, and I originally wanted to get a high-end brand mascara. While at Walgreens though, I saw this mascara and the display intrigued me. Why? 80% because of Gwen Stefani advertising this mascara, 10% because of the interesting claims, and 10% because I didn't feel like waiting to go to the department store for a more expensive one.

 Here is more about the mascara:
Discover a breakthrough in fiber mascara technology. Voluminous False Fiber Lashes™ features a unique blend of long and short nylon and rayon fibers—the same material used to make false lashes—to deliver lashes that appear fuller, longer, curled and sculpted. No clumps or messy results. Just outrageous volume from every angle.
  • Dual-length fiber formula
  • Exclusive polymer adheres fiber to lashes
  • Botanical waxes prevent hardening, crumbling or flaking
  • Precision brush ensures optimal application
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

With Mascara, one coat.
My Review:
First thing was the packaging. It is kind of bulky and huge for a mascara, and the triangular shape is different. Next I noticed the brush, and how it is slightly bent and has many bristles. Once I started to use it, I ended up going with only one coat. Some people like to build up their mascara, but I prefer not to. I will always use one coat and stop there. Could be because my lashes are already thick on their own. After doing one coat, I noticed that it had dried pretty quickly. So if you are one of those people that like to use many coats of mascara, this might not be for you. I really liked this for my own preference. 

The formula is also pretty good. My lashes were separated, and they stayed curled all throughout the day. I had a small amount of clumping but I took care of that with an eyelash comb. The one I bought was in Blackest Black and I bought it at Walgreens for $8.99. Is is worth the $8.99? I think so, but this kind of mascara seems like it won't work for everyone. 

I do wear contacts so I wanted to see if there would be any smudging or possibly fibers get in my eye from the mascara. None of those things happened to me. This mascara has been pretty great and I use it every day. Will I buy it again? I would. Is it my HG mascara? No. I will always love Chanel Inimitable mascara as my HG, but this would be a close second.

Have you tried this mascara? What do you think?

♥ Stephanie


  1. LOL I did posted a review of this mascara too! I liked it, great volume and I like how dry it is.

  2. Please delete the last comment, I don't like how it says my name!

    I like this mascara, I just posted a review too! Love the volume and how dry it is.

  3. It makes your lashes look gorgeous and long!  I won this from that contest L'Oreal was holding up through last week, so I'm really excited to try it- it seems like my perfect mascara formula!  Thank you!

  4. I can see why a lot of people would think the packaging is bulky for a mascara...but i am so intrigued with how it looks, i kind of like the gold weird shape look lol!  I mess with my eyes a lot, so im glad to hear of a mascara out there that doesn't smudge!

  5. Thanks for the review! I love L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes and Lash Architect 4D, so I will give this a try!

  6. havnt tried this but looks super tempting.

  7. I'm currently testing this one but I'm on the fence. I like to layer my mascara and the formula is too dry, and I can't say I'm blown away by the result with only one coat ):

  8. Glad you will give it a try! Let me know how you like it! :)