Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation - Review

June 23, 2013

Happy Sunday! Today I have a review of the new Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation. I love whipped foundations in general for my dry skin so I knew this could be something I would end up loving. See if I ended up liking the foundation in my review below!

More information about the Whipped Creme Foundation from the Covergirl website:
Our lightweight whipped crème foundation gives your skin a boost of moisture without the greasy, shiny finish. You’ll love the dreamy, 100% breathable formula that leaves your skin looking smooth, natural, and matte. Available in 10 shades to match your skin tone. 

I have been using this foundation for weeks and I love it. Since I have dry skin, this whipped formula gives me moisture without making me look shiny or greasy. The finish is indeed matte but still looks natural. 

This reminds me of the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation which I have used as well. I loved the formula of the Revlon one, but the packaging was awful. If you've seen it or used it, you know the packaging is way too bulky and heavy. Plus the cap on mine broke and now it doesn't close all the way. This Covergirl one however, is nice and small which is perfect to travel with. 

One small minor downside to this Covergirl Whipped Creme Foundation is the smell. I prefer foundation to either not smell like anything or maybe the usual foundation smell that some are. This one (to me) smells like cherries. Like an artificial cherry smell, which you might love. But it does bother me when I open it. You obviously can't smell it once you put it on, just wanted to mention it.

Recommend? Yes, even though the smell is a bit off putting, I still use this everyday and love the way it looks on my skin.

Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation retails for $6.99 (Will Vary) and can be found at drugstores, or where Covergirl is sold.

♥ Stephanie

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