Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel in Stay Classy - Review

January 20, 2016

Today I have a review of the new Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel in Stay Classy. I put this mani to the test to see how long the polish would last and if it would be just as good as a gel manicure. Also, would it really be a one step product with no top coat or curing under a lamp? I was kind of surprised at how it worked and I have more info breaking it down day to day below!

More information about the Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel:
Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel is the first gel formula that doesn't require a top coat and cures without a lamp. Provides up to 2 weeks of color and shine in one easy step.

Day 1: Applying the color was a breeze and I liked that the brush is short to make it easier to control the polish. I had no problems with the way it applied or it being streaky. I made sure to use lighter coats so that I wouldn’t have globs of polish and have to wait forever for it to dry. The drying time did not take long at all, about 5 minutes. One thing I wished about this polish was that is was more shiny. When I get a gel mani or even do it myself, my nails look really shiny. This gives you a subtle shine in the sun, but not what I’m expecting since this is supposed to be a one step gel system. I was going to apply a top coat, but the main thing I’m looking for is how long this mani will last on its own.

Day 2: The next day I was really surprised at how well it was holding up. I had hit things (by accident) thinking “No, my nail polish!” and my nails were fine. There was no chipping or peeling at all.

Day 3: The polish was looking pretty good since there were no chips or peeling. I did notice that the polish didn’t have the same shine as it did on day 1. It was starting to look dull without any top coat so that was kind of a bummer. The polish holding up to no chips though was impressive.
A close up of my nails on day 5

Day 5: This is the day where I started to notice nail growth, I could see it when I looked close up at my nails. But from far away, my nails honestly didn’t look that bad. There were no visible chips and the polish was staying put without a base or top coat. Would this really last up to 2 weeks as it claims? I don't believe so. I couldn't take having this on any longer since I could see my nails were growing.

Day 6 was when I finally took off the polish, only because my nails were growing and I was getting tired of the color. The down side of the polish, was after a few days it doesn’t look shiny or like a gel manicure anymore. It’s more like a dull shine depending on what light you are in. That was a negative I could find about this polish plus that it doesn't last the full 2 weeks as if you had a gel manicure. I might have to try it with a top coat to lock in the polish and the shine, but I think that defeats the purpose of this being a 1 step product.

Overall, the Wet N Wild 2 Step Wonder Gel worked for me about 5-6 days which is great as a regular polish, but I don't expect it to look and stay like a gel manicure after a week.

Wet N Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel retails for $4.99 and can be found at CVS, Walgreens, and other retail stores.

Let me know your thoughts on this polish!

♥ Stephanie


  1. STEPHANIE: what is the length of time that you hope your manicure(done yourself) should last? and how long if you have a mani at a shop?

    1. Hi Judy!
      I was hoping this mani would last a little longer than a week because of the claims it has. If I have a gel mani at a shop, it can usually last 2 weeks or longer.

  2. Polish shrinked a bit as it dried. Had to touch up the tips the next day. For the price it goes on smooth and worth a try. Next time I'll try a top coat.

    1. Top coat might help! Let me know if it does. :)

  3. What did you use to remove the polish? Did you have any difficulty?

    1. I used a regular nail polish remover and I didn't have any difficulty taking it off. It came off like a regular nail polish.

  4. So, basicly this is a regular nail polish not gel polish? Its kindda hard to get this product review in my country. Thank you so much :)

    1. Yes. I expected it to last longer than a regular polish since it is gel, but it didn't. I still think there is a good range of shades and it was easy to apply.


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