Wet N Wild Prime Focus Primer Serum - Review

March 5, 2020

Face primers are a great product to use to prep the skin before makeup application and can really make your look last all day long. I picked up the new Wet N Wild Prime Focus Primer Serum based on two things: I love the dropper packaging and it is said to be hydrating. Since my skin is on the dry side, I thought this would be perfect for my skin type and I would be able to get the hydration I need before doing my makeup routine. This did not work out like I had hoped and I will tell you why below.

This is how the Wet N Wild Prime Focus Primer Serum is described on their website:
A lightweight, ultra-hydrating water-base serum that preps, primers and refines skin for longer-lasting makeup application. Formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients, including Rose Water, Camellia Leaf Extract and Green Tea Extracts, that moisturize and smooth the skin. The silky, creamy texture creates the perfect canvas for a smooth, even complexion, so that foundation glides on effortlessly for a luminous, flawless finish.

So before using the primer, I made sure my skin was prepped with skincare products that have always worked for me. Once I applied the face primer, I immediately was hit with the strong, strong scent of the Rose Water. I even slightly smelled Alcohol (which is one of the ingredients in it) and I could tell that this was going maybe be too harsh for my skin. I still wanted to try it out so once it dried, there was a sticky feeling to my skin. I figured this is just because it is a primer so it's there to hold on to the foundation and other products you apply. I tried this with different face products and always got the same result: the primer made it difficult to blend out my foundation. It made it streaky and my skin was drying out. There are way better hydrating primers out there that I would rather use instead of this. If you have dry/sensitive skin like me, maybe skip this and reach for a better product. 

Wet N Wild Prime Focus Primer Serum retails for $7.99 and
can be found at various drugstores

♥ Stephanie

Product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Sad to hear about the Laneige lip balm! I've been wanting to try it.