My Experience With Jaclyn Cosmetics Lipstick

June 9, 2019

There has been a lot going on with Jaclyn Hill and the launch of her new nude lipstick collection. I just wanted to blog about my experience with ordering and if/what the problems were with my product. I was not waiting on the JC website for the launch minutes before. It just happened that I went back to check on the website to see if the shade I wanted was still in stock, and it was. I did purchase a lipstick that same day in the shade Fussy because I liked the swatches of the shade and the packaging. Shipping is fine and the lipstick arrived on within a decent time. The quality control though on this lipstick (and others that people have received) is a best very poor. Find out what my experience was below. 

Now this is an $18 cream lipstick so it is expected that the packaging is going to look and feel like a high-priced item. And it does. It has a nice weight to it and opens and closes with ease but is also secure. I like the packaging and I didn't find any faults here. It's only when I started to look at the lipstick up close, I noticed something that just didn't seem right.

If you look closely at the lipstick, you can see the tip has these small black holes or bubbles. There are also a few on the back of the lipstick just only on the tip. This has to be a quality control issue and there are many more being reported by others. Some have found fiber hairs (long and short), some smashed or squished, some melted, some even having tiny plastic beads. It just keeps getting worse as days go by. Jaclyn Hill has sort of mentioned a few people's concerns and always has a reason (or excuse) as to why these things have happened. She has promised that she will send everyone that has a complaint a new lipstick and a refund. I have reached out to the email she provided on her Twitter ( so I hope I hear something this week about what they plan on doing to resolve my issue. 

This is the back of the lipstick under a microscope (coloring of the lipstick looks different because of lighting)

For now I suggest that nobody buy any of these lipsticks until there is a full recall or resolution on the current lipsticks. If you have your own experience with these lipstick that you want to share, please leave a comment and let me know.

♥ Stephanie

Product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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