First Impressions - Hard Candy Bold & Gorgeous High Drama Felt Tip Liner

October 17, 2015

Today I have a look at a new felt tip liquid liner from Hard Candy that has a different and unique type of tip. It comes with a “triple ball tip" that goes from big to small which is supposed to make it more pigmented and to make your liner thicker or thinner depending on how you use it. The liner is made to last up to 12 hours and will not smudge or smear. Find out my thoughts below!

More information about Hard Candy Bold & Gorgeous High Drama Felt Tip Liner:
Hard Candy Bold & Gorgeous Eye Liner features a triple black formula that lasts up to 12 hours for smudge-proof, budge-proof all-day wear. The short, thick design allows for smooth application, optimum control and zero skip. The innovative triple ball tip holds 3x the color for a dramatic, bold effect.

 I expected so much more than what I got from this liner and it was disappointing. Everything that it claims to be was not exactly what I ended up with. The liner lacked in pigmentation since it was not as dark as I wanted it to be. I thought maybe building it up would work, but the liner kept coming off as I was trying to go over it. I even let it dry and went over it to make it darker, but that didn't do much.

The tip took some time to get used to since the tip is still thicker than a point, so it made it hard to make a thin line by the inner corners of my eyes. I feel like I was more sold on this with the packaging and how great it's described than the actual liner. I wish I would of had a better first impression than I did. I'm going to see if I can get it to work better, but if I get the same results then it's going back to the store.

 Hard Candy Bold & Gorgeous High Drama Felt Tip Liner retails for $5 and can be found at Walmart stores and online.

Have you tried this liner? Let me know your thoughts!

♥ Stephanie

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