Orly EPIX Flexible Color 2 step color system - Review

February 7, 2015

Today I have a review of the new Orly EPIX Flexible Color 2 step color system. Sounds amazing right? Not having to worry anymore that your nails are going to get smudged by accident when you are waiting for them to dry. I was very intrigued by this when I saw it at ISSE Long Beach, so I definitely had to pick it up and try it out myself. Find out my thoughts below!

 More information about Orly EPIX:
Get ready for flexible color! EPIX is a two step manicure that will last for a week while applying and removing with ease. EPIX Flexible Color and Sealcoat fuse together to create a scratch-resistant, high-shine finish and dries in less than 8 minutes. It allows the finish of your nails to bounce back from nicks and dents.

Day 1
Day 1: I wasn’t sure how opaque Special Effects was going to be on its own since it has a holo type finish, but it was opaque enough with just two coats. I made sure to keep the polish even and use thin coats and let them set before moving on to the top coat. The flexible Sealcoat had a super shiny finish and didn’t take a long time to dry. All of my nails were completely dry in about 6 minutes. It felt like I had a gel manicure on without having to do so many steps or going to a nail salon (which I never do). 

I even tried the “bounce back” from nicks and dents without really meaning to. I dinged my thumb nail a bit when I was waiting for the top coat to dry, and it slowly just went away! I looked at my nail after it had completely dry and the ding I had there was gone. Smudges will continue to self-repair until the Flexible Color is completely dry. I was really impressed about how much the EPIX actually does what it says.

Day 4
Day 4: So far so good right? The only thing I noticed by day 4 was that my nails had growth on the tips and not really any kind of actually chipping. I wasn’t easy on my nails either which shows me that EPIX lasts throughout many days. By this day I just wanted to take it off and change my nail polish, but I knew I had to hold out a bit more just to see if I would have any major chips or peeling.

Day 7
Day 7: I made it a whole week testing out Orly EPIX polish and I think it lasted just as long as it was meant to. My nails are obviously chipped, but most of it didn’t happen until day 6 and 7. I am seriously amazed at how well my mani lasted a full week.

Removal: The removal process was a breeze. I just used nail polish remover pads that were acetone free and they worked! EPIX removes a lot faster than a traditional gel polish. So you are getting the benefits and the long lasting power of a gel polish with just two steps of EPIX.

Let me know what you think about Orly EPIX!

♥ Stephanie


  1. I must try that! I have been getting into Orly recently and I was very impressed with the formula.

  2. i don't know don't know i don't see much of a difference. i LOVE cover fx cream foundation with a beauty blender it looks really nice. i'll give it another try since i heard great things about it. i really love mac spf 50 prep and prime. it has a nice tacky feel that really adheres to the foundation and gives a nice finish.

  3. I wish my experience had been like yours. My perfect mani lasted less than 24 hours.
    The morning after I did my nails, I noticed some flaking on one nail. I assumed I had done something wrong and figured I would re-do that finger when I got home from work. By the end of the day, the tips and or sides of 4 fingers had flaked off, and I could see wear on 2 others. Also, as I used my hands during the day, I had light streaks of color on several papers I was handling - just like what happens with regular, cheaper nail polish. Since I had spent as much on the polish and sealant as I would have to get a true gel manicure in a salon, I was determined to re-do the manicure with extra care - just in case I had somehow done something wrong.
    The second time around was no better than the first. I feel cheated and would urge everyone to save their money.

  4. Which color is that? It's lovely!

    1. It's called Special Effects and I think it's only available as a duo