Event Recap: An Evening With Cover FX

August 29, 2014

 Last weekend I attended an exclusive product launch party with Cover FX in Hollywood. I had such a great time learning more about the brand and what products will be coming out soon. Cover FX has made a line of products that target the need to banish blemishes. These products would be great for those with acne prone skin or oily skin. There were still products I found that worked for my skin type. See more photos below!

Learning about the new products from Cover FX Chief Innovation Officer Victor Casale, who is also a founding partner of MAC Cosmetics.

 Cover FX BB Gel Mattifying Anti-Blemish Treatment - The Cover FX BB Gel treats blemishes and reduces inflammation, hydrates and improves skin elasticity, and protects during wear with powerful antioxidants. This lightweight, blemish-busting formula provides buildable coverage leaving a matte finish. Available in 10 shades.

 Cover FX Blemish Treatment Primer - This primer preps blemishes perfectly, creating a smooth surface for flawless makeup application and longer-lasting coverage. This is used when you want to cover blemishes and don't want your makeup to look caked on in that one spot. This will help to make it even and smoother before applying your makeup. 

 Cover FX Blemish Treatment Concealer - This long-wearing, full coverage formula reduces redness and inflammation, helps to minimize pore size, and regulates oil production which helps to prevent future breakouts. I've used this after the treatment primer and it feels great on the skin over blemishes. 

 Cover FX Blemish Primer Brush - This brush was designed specifically for applying Blemish Treatment Primer to blemishes, creating a smooth surface for flawless concealer application. The synthetic brush fibers have been treated with an antimicrobial formula for a hygienic product application. This is a great brush for using when you do use the treatment primer to make application more precise. All of the products mentioned are great if you have acne prone and oily skin types. 

Victor Casale, blogger friend Mai, and myself :)
 There was another product that I'm really excited about and that's their new Calming Primer. This product is great for those with really sensitive skin (like myself) and Rosacea. I've been putting it to the test and will have a review soon! Thank you to Cover FX again for a fabulous night and to everyone that I met and chatted with. 

I will go into more details about each product soon in reviews, and the products are available now on their website

♥ Stephanie

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