China Glaze Gelaze - Photos and Review

March 27, 2014

Today I have a review of China Glaze Gelaze. I bought this purple shade called Spontaneous and the top coat. I'm love gel polish, but I do notice from other gel systems that there are so many different steps you have to do first in order to get a good gel mani. So when I saw that this one from China Glaze is only a few steps and your done, I thought it was too good to be true. Find out how my gel mani went and my thoughts below!

Day 1

Day 4

More information about China Glaze Gelaze:
Gelaze™ is an innovative 100% Gel Polish that includes the Base Coat in the Gel Polish. Less steps for longer wear. The creators of China Glaze® have created a unique 2-step gel system available in 35 stunning shades. Simply apply Gel Polish and Top Coat, cure and you’re set! Express yourself with your favorite hues to match your every style and mood. You’ll feel confident knowing your Gelaze™ high-shine gel manicure will remain chip-free for up to two weeks. Create fabulous ways to use China Glaze lacquer to create designs over colour-matched Gelaze™ Gel Polish.

 Day 1 3/20/14:
 Today was the first day of applying Gelaze. Since I needed an LED lamp that cured for 30 seconds at a time, I used the Sensationail one that I already own. It beeps once your nails have been in for 30 seconds which makes it easier. Application was quite easy and really fast. This is the fastest that I’ve done my nails, even more so a gel manicure. I was really impressed by how well the color applied and the polish wasn’t too thick to work with. Throughout the day I didn’t notice any chipping or peeling. Good thing since it was only the first day.

Day 4 3/23/14:
So far so good! My mani looks great on both hands with no visible chipping or peeling at all. That is one thing I love about gel polish, it will stay on until your ready to take it off. I think this one from China Glaze is one of my favorite gel polishes because it was so easy! Only a few steps and my mani was done in under 10 minutes.

Day 7 3/26/14:
By this day, my mani looked just as shiny and good as day 1! But I couldn’t handle how much my nails had grown already, so I ended up taking the mani off. So for removal, you can definitely use acetone and wrap your nails so that the gel soaks off. I was able to gently lift the polish off my nails without using anything. I know that is not the preferred or the best way of doing it, but that’s what I did. I was happy to see that I didn’t have any damage to my nails, just a little rough to the touch.

 I’m really happy and quite surprised at how much I love China Glaze Gelaze. I have tried many different systems to get a gel mani, and this one is probably the easiest of all. Everything about it from application to removal was easy and quick. I definitely want to buy more shades now. 

China Glaze Gelaze retails for $11.99 each and can be found online, Sally Beauty Supply, or other retailers. 

Let me know if you have tried Gelaze or if you love gel nail polish!

♥ Stephanie

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