Becca Cosmetics The One Perfecting Brush - Review

November 25, 2013

Today I have a review of the Becca Cosmetics The One Perfecting Brush. I haven't seen anything like this brush, which makes it more interesting and exciting to use. It claims to be cut makeup application in half by replacing 10 other brushes! Now, that seems like a stretch and kind of crazy to think one brush can do what 10 would do. So I tested it on everything it can be used with: creams, liquids, and powders. Find out how it went and more information below!

More information from the Becca Cosmetics website about this brush:
From start to finish, primer to powder, The One Perfecting Brush can be used with liquids, crèmes, powders and anything in between. Non-porous, high-quality goat hair allows product to sit on top of bristles rather than absorbing, ensuring a seamless application with no wasted product.

I really didn't know what to expect form this brush, I mean I knew it would be good but it was more than that. This is definitely an all in one makeup brush. When I used this for my liquid foundation, the brush didn't absorb any of the product and it helped me blend out the foundation flawlessly. The bristles are so soft, it feels nice when using the brush all over the face.

Now, about the claim that it will replace 10 tools: foundation brush, powder brush, contour brush, bronzer brush, stipple brush, blush brush, fan brush, concealer brush, kabuki and sponge. I think that it's going to depend on how many brushes you actually use for everyday and how you use them. For example, I use a stipple brush for my contour instead of a contour brush because I don't like my contour to look too harsh. Also, I felt this brush was too big to replace a concealer brush and it seemed like that when I tried. So this Perfecting Brush would not do a few things that I prefer, but it could replace 10 more/less brushes for you depending on the actual brushes you use. I hope that makes sense.

I did like a lot of things about this brush. It worked great for my foundation, powder, blush, and even highlighter. So for this to replace those brushes is pretty impressive. Even using a cream highlighter it ended up being amazing with this brush. This is definitely a brush that can be used for multiple products which makes the price of it, so worth it.

Becca Cosmetics The One Perfecting Brush retails for $49 and can be found at Sephora.

Let me know you thoughts below!

♥ Stephanie

Product was sent by IFABBO for review consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.

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