SensatioNail Invincible Gel Polish by Nailene Starter Kit - Review

August 23, 2012

I like to go get my nails done at a nail salon like anyone else. Sometimes though, I like to do my nails at home. I have done gel nails before in a salon, and I loved the way they looked and lasted. I didn't have to worry about drying time or chipping for around 2 weeks with gel polish. What I didn't like, however, was how much it would cost me to get gel nails done when I can have the option of doing them at home. Did my gel manicure last up to two weeks with the SensatioNail starter kit? Keep reading for my review!

Here is a list of everything that is included in the kit:
- Gel Cleanser
- Gel Primer
- Gel Base and Top Coat
- Color Gel Polish
- Double-sided Nail Buffer
- Lint-free Wipes
- Bamboo Manicure Stick
- PRO 3060 LED Lamp

"Your SensatioNail™ Starter Kit includes everything you need for 10 perfect applications! Kit includes the exclusive Pro 3060 LED Lamp - designed to safely and quickly flash- cure your favorite Gel Polish, sealing in the color to a glossy, damage-proof, mirror-like finish. After 10 manicures simply purchase the Essentials Kit and the color of your choice and you’re good to go again."

The kit gives you enough for 10 manicures. I have only did 3 manicures since I have got it, so I will let you know once I use everything up if that's true. Also, I ended up using a different color than the one that came with the kit when I first used this. I used a light lavender color (Heirloom Lilac), which I have a picture below:
This starter kit was so simple to use! All you need to do is follow the instructions, that's it. The big question is, did the gel manicure last for 2 weeks like it claims? I can definitely say it does! I had no chips, no peeling, and no dents at all for the two weeks I had the gel on. Once the two weeks were up though, I definitely needed to take it off. I had so much spacing from my nails growing and I was already tired of the color by then. I change my polish so frequently, so usually I will wear the gel for a week and then change. My mani would definitely last for the two weeks, but I just couldn't do it. 

I love this option for when I need to go somewhere, like a special event or occasion, when I really need them to last. Removal was just as easy as putting the gel on. I bought the removal tool (sold separately) to help me push the gel polish gently off my nails. It worked like a charm! It took about 2 minutes to do both my hands. This is something that is going to be worth the investment once you buy it. 

SensatioNail Starter Kit retails for $59.99 at your local Walmart or CVS. The additional gel colors retail for $11.99.

Let me know what you think about this kit. Is it something you would buy?

♥ Stephanie


  1. Quite affordable! The result looks pretty good too. I'm curious about the removal tool though, because the only time I got a gel manicure, I ended up with damaged nails after removal. What does it look like?

  2. I should of took a picture of how my nails looked once I took the gel off. Hardly any damage. Not as bad as when I would get them done in a salon. I will update the post next week with a picture of how my nails look after removal. :)

  3. This really isn't a bad idea. I used to get my gel nails done in a salon, but got tired of spending alll this money. So i watched youtube tutorials, bought me gel and a lamp and now i do my own gel nails whenever i feel like :)...i think i paid like $50 for all the supplies and i paid 30 at the studio every 3 weeks.
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  4. That's a great idea, but that still is quite a bit of money! Maybe a cheaper alternative someday :)

  5. That's affordable for a do it at home gel nail kit! And it's great that it comes with the lamp! :)

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