Swisspers Are A Makeup Bag Must Have (Plus Beauty Box Giveaway!)

July 22, 2019

 When it comes to my makeup routine, I try and buy products that are going to make everything easier and that are gentle enough for my skin to use on a daily basis. Swisspers has the products I need that will be soft yet strong enough to keep up with my makeup routine. There are an array of products like makeup removal wipes, cotton rounds, cotton swabs and cotton balls that are great and effective. I like to keep all of these products near or on my makeup vanity so that I can use them as needed. Swisspers products are hypoallergenic and work great for those with sensitive skin. Read on to find out more about these products and how you can win a Swisspers Beauty Box of your own! 

I use the Swisspers Premium Cotton Rounds on a daily basis for either nail polish removal, applying face toner, removing my eye makeup, and etc. These are 100% cotton and are dual sided and work for all skin types. One side is embossed for gentle cleansing and the smooth side is for applying lotions and astringents. The cotton rounds have a multi-layered design to keep them strong yet soft and also lint-free. I keep these on my vanity in a closed glass jar to protect them from dust and they are easier for my to reach when needed.

 Another product that is always in my makeup bag, is the Swisspers 100% Cotton Makeup Remover Wipes. They help to take my makeup off easily and quickly at the end of each day and I love how gentle they are. The Swisspers Makeup Remover Wipes are fragrance free, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. I have used these on a daily basis and they take off all of my makeup with ease, even my waterproof eyeliner and mascara. I love keeping these in my makeup bag so that I can use them before I do my makeup routine to keep everything clean and refreshed.

I also keep Swisspers Leopard Cotton Swabs in my makeup bag and I use them when needed for touch ups on my makeup throughout the day. I love the fun leopard print that the cotton swabs come in and they are double-tipped with 100% cotton. I use these so much for my makeup and when doing my nails. I also love to dip these in a gentle liquid makeup removal when I need to clean up my eyeliner or around my eyes. I could not do my makeup routine without the cotton swabs.

 One other product that I must keep in my makeup bag are the Swisspers Super Jumbo Cotton Balls. These are super soft, ultra absorbent, and are gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. I love using these to remove old nail polish from my nails with a nail polish remover. I also keep them in my makeup bag for so many reasons. They help to apply my skincare products (lotions, toners, astringents) and remove makeup when using an oil based makeup remover.

You can find everything I mentioned HERE
on the Swisspers website and also on Amazon
Buy on Amazon HERE and you can save using my code 10AQUAHEART1 for a 10% discount on the items mentioned

I am also hosting an amazing giveaway with Swisspers where you can win a beauty box filled with Swisspers products! (I'm giving away 10 beauty boxes by the way)

 The Swisspers Beauty Box items ($65 Value) are:
* 1 Body Blending Sponge
* 1 Silicone/Sponge Hybrid Blender
* 1 Exfoliating Sponge
* 1 Dry Cosmetic Brush Cleaner
* 1 Large Blending Sponge (Pink)
* 5ct Blending Sponge Combo Pack
* 50ct Charcoal Swabs
* 1 Walnut Exfoliating Sponge
* Silicone Blender 3 Pack
* 1 Powder Blending Sponge
* 2ct Finger Blending Sponge

All of the rules and how to enter are on my Instagram which you can go to HERE
Just look for the same picture as above to enter. Good luck!

♥ Stephanie

Products mentioned were provided by Swisspers.
All opinions are honest and my own.

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