Review: Murad Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel

July 30, 2019

 I have been trying out new products in my night time skincare routine and have been using the Murad Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel for about a month or so. This is a daily bio-phase peel that will renew the skin with glowing results. It is made for all skin types so those like me that have dry/sensitive skin don't need to worry. It helps with dullness of the skin and any uneven texture you might have. Before using this, my skin definitely needed a product that would take care of my skin without drying it out even more. Find out more info and read my review below. 

More information on the Murad Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel:
 This peel helps exfoliate and brighten skin in two phases. Phase 1: AHA, BHA, and TXA helps create smoother, brighter, and more youthful-looking skin. Phase 2: Adaptogenic holy basil (antioxidants) and omega-rich oils defend and strengthen skin’s surface for a vibrant complexion.

The Murad Replenishing Multi-Acid Peel ($65) has up my nightly skincare routine in a major way. I shake it up well since it is a dual product, and then apply it with a cotton pad at night. I do use it every other night vs. every night since my skin can be very sensitive. It helps so much with my dry skin in my t-zone and on my cheeks. By the morning my skin looks more brighter and feels softer. I love that even though this is a high end product, I don't need to use a lot so I can see myself using it for months before I run out. I also don't like to use exfoliators that can be harsh and this works better for my skin.

Now that I am in my 30s, I try and use products that are going to help my skin with ant-aging properties or at least enhance my skin to make it more healthy and youthful. This peel absolutely helps my skin with that and I recommend it to anyone that needs a product to help with brightening and renewing. 

♥ Stephanie

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