Review: Fenty Beauty Flyliner Liquid Eyeliner

May 22, 2019

Today I have a review of the Fenty Beauty Flyliner Liquid Eyeliner. It is made to be very pigmented and long lasting. I was so excited to try out this liner because I love Fenty Beauty products and this is at a good price point. I love the packaging of the liner and even the liner tip works out pretty well. I did have some set backs with this liner, which made me return it to the store. Find out more about why this liner just didn't work for me below.

The Fenty Beauty Flyliner Liquid Eyeliner ($20) does have a good amount of pigmentation and works out great when I ran it across the back of my hand. It was a different story though when I was applying it to my eyes. I had trouble with the ink not saturating the liner tip and it would skip and miss spots. When I tried to layer the liner over itself, it would remove the liner that was already there. I have tried so many liquid liners in the past (mostly because I wear black liquid liner daily) and this one just didn't live up to my high expectations. I could not make it work and it was disappointing. I unfortunately has to return this liner to the store. I have seen a lot of positive reviews on this liner, so maybe it was user error on my part. I just couldn't get this liner to work for me.

Have you tried this eyeliner? Let me know!

♥ Stephanie
Product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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