Maybelline Curvitude Angled Liquid Eyeliner Pen - Review

January 4, 2019

Today I have a review of a "new-ish" liquid liner from Maybelline. I picked this up recently when I was shopping for new drugstore makeup. Just know there will be a lot more drugstore makeup reviews coming! Moving on from my excitement, I needed a new liquid liner since it is a staple product to have in my makeup routine. My HG eyeliner is IT Cosmetics Superhero Liquid Liner but I thought I could find something more affordable in the drugstore. So did this liner work for me? And does the curve nature of it make any difference? Find out more below.

This is Maybelline's first angled tip liquid eyeliner which is made to hug the curve of the eye and go above and behind the lash line with a long lasting finish. The Maybelline Curvitude Angled Liquid Liner ($7.99) has a felt tip which I normally prefer a brush tip when it comes to a liner. I liked how the felt tip was small but I felt like it wasn't long enough to create more thin, precise lines.

I didn't have any trouble with the liner being dry or skipping when I applied it. It was pigmented and took a little bit of work, but ended up looking good in the end. Throughout the day of wearing the liner is when I noticed a few downsides. It smeared on my lids and even the bottom of my eyes. I was able to take it off no problem, but I didn't like the fact that I needed to keep checking it to make sure it wasn't all over my eyes. The liner gives a natural not too matte but not too shiny look. So unfortunately, this liner didn't work for me as much as I would of hoped. 

♥ Stephanie

Product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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