Luma Hair Straightening Brush Review

May 7, 2016

 Today I have review of the Luma Hair Brush that will help to straighten hair faster and easier just by brushing your hair. It only takes 60 seconds to heat up and it is best to use it on dry hair. My hair is long, thick, and very wavy. How well would it work on someone with my type of hair? Read on to my review below!

More information about the Luma Hair Straightening Brush:
Luma was created to solve a common problem many woman face every day- a lack of time to do their hair. We wanted to create a device that could do what a flat iron does but be faster, gentler on hair and more effective! Without needing to section hair and have to go over the same parts again and again, without using clips, without burning your scalp in order to get close to the roots. A quick and easy alternative to achieving straight hair fast.

 The Luma Brush only takes 60 seconds to heat up and the button is on the top of brush handle so that you don't hit it like you would if it was on the side. When brushing through my hair, I didn't find it to pull or tug on my hair which was a big plus. Pulling my hair through the brush slowly helped it to grab it and straighten it.

Since my hair is so wavy and thick, I made sure to use the brush slowly and I sectioned my hair to make it easier to brush through all the way. Even though my hair isn't super straight, I was really pleased with how well it took care of frizz and my waves. The results are what I expected since I have a lot of hair and it made my hair smoother and was more easy to manage. I could of definitely made it straighter by passing the Luma a few more times, but I was happy with how well it worked.

 The Luma Hair Straightening Brush retails for $59 and can be found on the Luma Brush website. Get 10% off with the code: Luma10off

♥ Stephanie

Product was provided for review consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.

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