Daily Concepts Your Dual Texture Scrubber - Review

April 14, 2015

Today I have a review of the Daily Concepts Your Dual Texture Scrubber. I’m hooked on using this on a daily basis and have thrown out my old loofah. This is really a game changer in the shower and something you might not think you need, but you do. There is more info and my review below!

From Daily Concepts: Regular texture where you need more exfoliation and soft texture for the more gentle parts of your body. (You just need to choose your side.)

This is a great scrubber to use in the shower and really takes care of any dry skin that you need to exfoliate. One side has a regular towel-like texture for all over the body and is super gentle. Then you have the other side that is more textured, which can exfoliate your skin where you need it and help get rid of any flaky and dry skin. I use the rough side more on my knees, heels of my feet, elbows, and shoulders.
When This Writing Fades, It's Time To Replace Me. dailyconcepts.com
There are many different and cool things about the Daily Concepts products. One, is that the packaging it comes with can be hung on the wall and used in the shower. You just cut the flap off the top and you can hang it, put the product back in the packaging like a holder to let it dry for next time. The water drips out from the two holes that are on the bottom. Genius! Also another great thing with this product, is the label it comes with. The words on the label fades and when it does, you know when it is time to replace the Dual Texture Scrubber. Most of Daily Concepts products have this feature and I think it is so great. I definitely recommend this Your Dual Texture Scrubber from Daily Concepts. It’s great quality and a must have in the shower.

Daily Concepts Your Dual Texture Scrubber retails for $12 and can be found online.

♥ Stephanie

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  1. Is the textured side loofah or is it just "rougher" cotton?

  2. I would say more of a rougher cotton because it's not terribly hard or too harsh.