Flower Beauty Ultimate Brushes (Powder, Eyeshadow, Lip & Concealer) - Review

January 4, 2015

Today I have a review of some Flower Beauty Makeup Brushes that I recently bought at Walmart. I ended up getting these for a discounted price since they came in a holiday set. I've been wanting to try these brushes since they came out and was hoping they would be good quality for being sold at Walmart. Find out more on these below!

Ultimate Powder Brush ($12.98) - Achieve light and even powder, bronzer and blush application with this ultra-soft brush developed with faux hair. It allows complete versatility: layer color to desired intensity or sheer it down to transparency. Handle is designed for true comfort and balance.

I’m pleasantly surprised at how soft this brush is! The bristles feel amazing and pick up the product nice and evenly. I thought I wouldn’t like the feel of the handles, but they are actually quite comfortable when you hold them. I don’t wear too much face powder, but I used this brush more for my blush products.

Ultimate Eye Shadow Brush ($7.98) - Designed to craft a soft, all-over eye effect. Developed with faux hair, it picks up color with ease and glides it effortlessly onto the skin.

This eye shadow brush is super soft and helps to give an all over eye color. I use this more for a wash of color all over my lids and applying a transition color when blending. It works great, and I haven’t been disappointed with these Flower Beauty brushes at all. I’ve paid more for eye shadow brushes before, and I feel like this one can compete with a few of my higher end shadow brushes that can cost double the price of this one.

Ultimate Lip & Concealer Brush ($6.98) - Apply lip color with ease and absolute precision; or use as a spot treatment brush with concealer. Developed with faux hair, this brush allows you to expertly modify or enhance the shape of the mouth for a smooth, finished look, or cover blemishes with ease.

To use this brush for concealer, it just doesn’t work for me personally. I understand as a spot treatment brush, but even so I prefer to use this as a lip brush. I love that it has a shape to the brush tip, which makes it easier to apply lipstick more precise and easier.

I really love the quality of these Flower Beauty brushes and they are definitely worth the price.

You can find Flower Beauty Ultimate Brushes at Walmart stores and online.

♥ Stephanie

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  1. Great review! I've been wanting to try Flower. I could use some new brushes. I'll keep my eye out for these!