NOTD - Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Color in Lavish

December 22, 2014

I recently saw these new Sally Hansen Velvet polishes at CVS and I bought the color that stood out the most to me called Lavish. It's the perfect fall/winter shade and I actually really love the velvet texture finish. While wearing this mani, I got many compliments from people that wanted to know what brand it was and the texture finish. 

I was so excited to wear this, I just threw it on my nails without a base coat which ended up being a wrong choice. Once your ready to take this off, it can stain your nails quite a bit so I definitely recommend a base coat before this polish. You don't want to use a top coat since I can take the texture finish away. But not using a top coat, made it easier for my nails to chip and my mani lasted for about 3 days until I had major chipping and had to take it off. Again, a base coat would of helped so it was my mistake. Next time I know, and now you will know a few tips for using these. Either way, I ended up loving the polish and this shade.

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture polishes retail for $5.99 and can be found at CVS or other retail stores. There are 8 limited edition shades in the collection. 

Let me know what you think!

♥ Stephanie


  1. I've seen these at HEB but before I could pick any up they were sold out. I haven't seen them elsewhere yet.

  2. Hopefully you find them! I need to go back for a few more shades.

  3. I love these pencils! Walmart has/had a second gift set of 6 pencils that did have more of the neutral/darker shades you're looking for.

  4. That is great to know, thank you!! I'm going to have to look for that set. :)