Flower Beauty Face The World Tinted Moisturizer - Review

May 1, 2013

Tinted moisturizers are back into my daily makeup routine since it has been so hot here. When it's so hot, I try to avoid any kind of heavy foundations. I thought this would be the perfect time to try out the Flower Beauty tinted moisturizer and see how I would like it. See more info and my review below!

More information on the Face The World Tinted Moisturizer:
Flower Face the World Tinted Moisturizer is an anti-aging treatment in a nourishing, luminous foundation. Its light, creamy texture instantly hydrates and smoothes, providing a velvety soft finish with natural and seamless coverage.

Key Points:
 Pomegranate moisture complex
Instantly hydrates and smoothes
Paraben free
Talc free
 My Review:

Smell: Has a very faint, light foundation scent.

Application: I used my fingers (clean of course) to apply the tinted moisturizer. It was creamy and not watery at all making it really easy to blend. To blend I just used my fingers instead of using a brush. I right away noticed that this evened my skin tone and made my redness less noticeable. It didn't completely take away the redness since this is light coverage, but enough to pass if I wanted to wear it on its own. I have cam across other tinted moisturizers to feel sticky once applied. This one feels silky and smooth on my skin. Very nice coverage for everyday use.

Wear throughout the day: I wore for about 9 hours and then after that my skin didn't feel as velvety as it did when I applied it. But 9 hours was impressive for a tinted moisturizer. I have dry skin, and this tinted moisturizer gave me enough moisture though out the day. I had no breakout or allergic reaction to this at all. My skin is sensitive so I always know right away when a product is not going to work for me.

The fact that it has no SPF was the only downfall of this product. I mean it's not a huge problem because you can use a moisturizer before hand that has a good SPF and then apply this. But I do enjoy an all in one tinted moisturizer where it has everything I need.

Good coverage for being a tinted moisturizer
No heavy smell/fragrance
Reduced redness
Felt great on the skin
Long lasting


Would I recommend? I would recommend this tinted moisturizer. I liked the way it felt on my skin and how lightweight it is. This is a great tinted moisturizer for the price. It might be pricey for a drugstore product, but the quality is there.

Flower Beauty Face The World Tinted Moisturizer retail for $10.98 and can be found at Walmart stores and online.

♥ Stephanie

Product was given through LuckyFABB event. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. No sunscreen - no bueno =(

  2. I really liked this too! I thought it had more of a foundation like coverage though!

  3. Not a bad price for a tinted moisturizer but what a bummer that it doesn't have SPF. SPF is critical during the summer time. I hope that this tinted moisturizer get reformulated that includes SPF in the future.