NYX Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray in Matte and Dewy Finish - Review

April 5, 2013

Here is another NYX review and this time on the new Makeup Setting Sprays in both Matte and Dewy. I personally needed the dewy finish more than the matte since my skin is so dry. But I also bought the Matte Finish for the summer time when my skin is more "dewy" on it's own. Since in LA the weather changes from really hot to cold the next day, I was able to test these both out and see if they really do what they claim. Read on to see how these sprays worked!

These setting sprays are good quality for the affordable price! I expected them to be lacking or just not quite enough as a long lasting setting spray. First let me talk about the matte one. I sprayed it as soon as I was done applying my makeup. The spray was a little much since the pump made it spray a lot, but I just made sure to keep my arm a far distance from my face. It immediately made my face matte without having to use a powder which is great for dry skin. This one will obviously be good for those with oily skin to help make your makeup last all day.

The dewy finish is the one I was more interested in trying because of my dry skin. Once I sprayed it I instantly saw that my face looked fresh and hydrated but not shiny or too oily in any way. It gave just enough of what I needed to finish and set my makeup. Both sprays lasted all day, the matte one a bit longer. I refreshed with the dewy one about a couple of hours later when I felt like my skin needed it. They do not feel sticky at all, they dry great and give your makeup the finishing touch.

NYX Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray in Matte and Dewy Finish retail for $8.00 each and can be found where NYX Cosmetics is sold or online.

Let me know what you think!

♥ Stephanie


  1. So, just so I'm not confused, we're talking longer wear here, like Skindinavia/Urban Decay, Model in a Bottle type sprays, not the Fix+ type (that basically gets rid of the powdery look but doesn't do much to help longevity)?

    Honestly, I have tried all of the above & never found that any made a difference in the longevity of my makeup until I tried the theatrical brand sealants (Mahron Barrier Spray, Ben Nye Final Seal). In some cases ::coughskindinaviacough:: the spray actually made my makeup more prone to fading (and creasing on the lid).

    With summer around the corner and bridal season on the verge, I'm up for a good, easy to get a hold of option though!

  2. I'm glad you asked! Yes, I'm talking an actual long wear setting spray like UD or Skindinavia and not a Fix +. I can definitely see the theatrical brands being more quality like you said. Skindinavia did the same thing to me! It didn't wear on my skin well at all. Hope I helped to answer your question :)

  3. Have you tried spraying it to your face prior to foundation? I found that it worked better for me that way. I tried UD Oil Slick and All Nighter to finish my make up and was not impressed. Then I read the label and it says spray before and after foundation. Then I tried using Oil Slick before my foundation and it works way way better!