NYX Cosmetics The Natural Shadow Palette - Photos and Swatches

March 26, 2013

Today I have a review of the NYX The Natural Shadow Palette. NYX products are hit and miss and this one for me was a miss. I will explain more about why and you will see in the swatches why it was not the greatest selection of eyeshadows out there. Read on to see my thoughts!

 More information on the NYX The Natural Shadow Palette:
Amplify your stunning eyes with the Natural Shadow Palette! This palette includes 6 nude hues that will enhance your look instantly. Define and beautify your eyes with any of the harmonizing shades for an intense or natural look.

Swatching the palette was the first thing I did and you can see that the shadows are powdery and chalky. Wearing them on the eyes was the same. Four of the shades I couldn't see on my eyes and they were difficult to blend. The last two shadows were okay and were easy to blend and work with. I used a white base since I heard that could help and pigmentation was still not there. I think if you have more of a fair skin tone, this could work for you. It was just not for me. 

NYX Cosmetics The Natural Shadow Palette retails for $7 and can be found on the NYX website.

Let me know what you think!

♥ Stephanie


  1. Oh Boo! I love their products but I must say their eyeshadows are the greatest. I have a palette from the Runway Collection and it's the same way!

  2. I know! I was hoping to love this and it falls flat. Womp.. Lol

  3. Thats disappointing but great to know. I love my neutrals but I think I will skip this palette xx

  4. I had a few of NYX palettes that I hardly use... I think their singles are much better their eyeshadow palettes.