Enkore Makeup Deep Conditioning Brush Soaps - Review

February 13, 2013

I have an exciting post today! I saw that Koren also know as, Enkore Makeup, has brush soap on his online store. It sounded really good, so I wanted to try it out for myself. I ordered one in Fresh Lemon and the other in Apricot Freesia. I've used the Lemon one a few times and I am so shocked at how well this cleaned my brushes. More info and my review below!

Picture from Enkore Makeup Online Store.
More information on these Deep Conditioning Brush Soaps from Enkore Makeup:
Deep Conditioning Brush Soaps are rich in luxurious, deep moisturizing and conditioning oils including Argan Oil and Maracuja (Brazilian Passionfruit) Seed Oil. Foaming, moisturizing, and formulated with 5 different conditioners, these brush soaps will render any makeup brush super clean, and super soft. Use on both Natural and Synthetic fibers.

My Review:
This is seriously the best soap I have ever used for my brushes! After using this soap the first time, my brushes were so soft and they looked brand new. I have used a lot of different brush cleansers and they all have been average. MAC, Parian Spirit, E.L.F., Sephora, even baby shampoo can't compare to how great this soap is. What I like is that the soap is gentle yet practically melts the makeup off of the brush. There is a loofah side which helps to get any makeup stuck in the brush come right out. And any scent you do end up getting will smell so good! I love the lemon and apricot scents, they are amazing. I want everyone that owns makeup brushes to try this brush soap out. You will not be disappointed!

Enkore Makeup Deep Conditioning Brush Soaps retail for $6 each and can be found at the Enkore Makeup online store.

♥ Stephanie


  1. Enkore is such a lovely person! I have been curious about this product. Thanks for the review. I currently use baby shampoo lol

  2. I've met Koren a couple of times and he is such a sweetheart! the soaps look fab too. will be ordering them soon :)

  3. I want to try these. Thanks for the review.

  4. I may have to pick one up at TMS if he's there...looks cool!

  5. oh I so want to try this! I haven't really managed to find an amazing brush cleaner so far, so i'm hoping maybe this will be HG status for me!