NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss (4 Shades) - Photos, Swatches and Review

January 29, 2013

Today I have a review of the new NYX Cosmetics butter glosses. These are described as a buttery lip gloss with a sweet scent that provides sheer to medium coverage on your lips without that sticky feeling. You can wear these alone or over a lipstick. The shades I bought were: Vanilla Cream Pie, Strawberry Parfait, Maple Blondie, and Creme Brulee. So what did I think of these? Read on Below!

Add a little more sweetness to your lips with a touch of the Butter Lip Gloss available in 12 scrumptious colors! Get creamy sheer to medium coverage on your lips without that sticky sensation. It’s perfect for every sweet tooth!

 What it does: Provides nourishment with a flush of color on your lips giving you the perfect pout.
 Why we love it: Adore that it can be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick! It’s delicious and gorgeous at the same time.

My Review:
 As you can see above from the swatches, I ended up buying three shades that were light. I wish I would of bought darker shades because the lighter ones were not flattering on me by themselves. I ended up using the three light ones layered over lipsticks and that worked way better. The shade Strawberry Parfait worked out the best on its own. The color came out great on my lips and the gloss lasted for a few hours until I needed to reapply. They claim that these lipgloss and not sticky. So were they? I would say they were still a bit sticky. But not that goopy lipgloss kind of sticky. Just apparent on your lips, but that is expected from a lip gloss. And What about the smell? Well, they have a sweet smell to them but nothing that is strong. They smell really good, like a sweet vanilla.

These are something to check out if you like creamy lip gloss that won't be overly sticky. The pricing too is great and the range of colors is good.

 NYX Cosmetics Butter Gloss retail for $5.00 each and can be found on the NYX website.

♥ Stephanie


  1. How do these compare to the Mega Shine glosses? I love those things, but they cherry scent is off putting. I would prefer vanilla scent over cherry!

  2. They are pretty close, the Mega shines are a little thicker in consistency. You would like these since they are vanilla scent instead of the cherry.

  3. These look really pretty! I'm glad they smell like vanilla, as it seems that most NYX glosses smell like cherry candy, which I hate! Great review, I'll definietly check these out!

  4. I've still yet to get my paws on these.