Brand Bests #14 - N.Y.C. Color Cosmetics

June 2, 2011

N.Y.C. Color Cosmetics is one of the most inexpensive makeup lines that you can find in your local drugstore. A lot of people might even say they products are so affordable, that they are "unsure" of the quality. You should definitely think the opposite. Their makeup has been getting better than ever, and are actually amazing products for the price you pay. Just so its known, these are my favorites based on my experience with each product. Everyone will have a different opinion, these are what I think are some of N.Y.C.'s best products. 

N.Y.C. In A New York Color Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish ($1.99)
 I love these polishes. They are always really opaque and dry super fast. I even like the flat brush, making these polishes easy to work with. The price is amazing for these polish and I know you can find one color you will love.

N.Y.C. Smooch Proof 16hr Lip Stain ($4.99)
Yep, these are awesome and everyone needs to try them. Such an affordable lip stain, compared to other brands I have seen that carry lip stains. I have a full review of the lip stains here.

N.Y.C. Cheek Glow Blush ($2.99)
Now, N.Y.C.doesn't have any blushes that are super pigmented and bright. But if you want an affordable nude or pink blush, I definitely say give N.Y.C. a chance. These blushes have natural oil-absorbing ingredients that help control shine. They will give you that natural glow when you want to go for an everyday look. 

N.Y.C. Ultra Last Lipwear ($1.99)
 I feel like to get a really cheap, but good lipstick can sometimes be hard to find. These lipsticks from N.Y.C. are really creamy and not drying to my lips at all. I've never had a problem with these feathering or bleeding. So for the unbelievable price, I feel like to even just try them you can't go wrong. Either they work for you or not, but at least you didn't spend a lot of money trying to decide. 

Hope you enjoyed this Brand Bests! Let me know what you think of N.Y.C. Color Cosmetics. 

♥ Stephanie 


  1. I really feel like drugstore brands have been stepping up their game in the last couple years.  NYC was one brand back in 2004ish that I refused to use.  Now I see some really great quality stuff from them.  I'll definitely have to check them out, thank you for your honest opinions.

  2. I know that in the UK these colours are set to be a big hit! Brights like pink and orange are everhywhere I go. Lipstain is becoming really big too, the only problem is a cheaper one I had leaked in my bag..!

  3. Haven't tried their lip stains but love their eyeliners (and are great for when you want a crazy color for one night!)

  4. I wanna try that pink nail polish! I like the look of the nude blush, wonder if there is a universal nude shade. Which would you recommend for someone who is on the pale side?

  5. I think Outside Cafe Blush would be a good color for you. Let me know if you try it out and how you like :)

  6. I'm going to have to try out their eyeliners. I never have! :)

  7. I totally love NYC cosmetics especially the nail varnishes! Ive recently discovered their eyeshadows and I've got one that tells you which shade to use for shadde contour crease etc I love it as I'm not great at that sort of thing! Anyway I'll stop rambling great post :)

    Beth x

  8. @aquaheart:twitter yeah how wrong can it be at that price? ^^ i want to try nyc 

  9. I am in love with NYC make up its fab, and the price is amazing. I totally agree! I love the nail varnishes, but the best thing I've found is the eyeshadow, I bought one recently that tells you where to put each shade, which is great as Im rubbish at that.

    Beth xx