Brand Bests #13 - Revlon

June 14, 2011

It's definitely time for a new Brand Bests post, I haven't done one since December! I decided it was time for a post on my favorites from Revlon. I always knew Revlon was a great drugstore brand, but recently I have been using them a lot more and realize that they make some amazing products for a great price. Just so its known, these are my favorites based on my experience with each product. Everyone will have a different opinion, these are what I think are some of Revlon's best products.

Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks ($6.49)
 These lipsticks are probably one of my all time favorites. I have about 4 different colors of these ranging from a nude to a peach to a true red and they all look really great on. I love how you expect a certain color from what you see on the top of the cap and what you get from the name, and it's that color. No second guessing if it's going to look different. For me, they are a bit drying, but I usually put a gloss over lipsticks anyways, so this doesn't bother me. My lips tend to be extra dry, so you might not need a gloss over. The wear is pretty good, about 3-4 hours, then reapply. If you haven't tried these you need to.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss ($7.99)
These lipglosses are packed with shine and shimmery goodness. Each color does have a slight tint to give you just a bit of color, but these are all about being a gloss. My favorite of these is the lilac one. I was so unsure about buying it, because I thought a purple gloss on my lips is never going to work. But it goes on with just a hint of lilac and the rest shine, it's amazing. 

Revlon Matte Powder Blush ($9.99)
Sometimes I don't feel like such a shimmery or too pigmented blush, so this is my go-to when I want natural cheeks. It gives me a matte finish with still giving my cheeks some sort of color. I actually love to carry this with me in my purse, because it has it's own brush and a pop out mirror. There were only a couple of times where I was out late and I did reapply, but at least I had what I needed all together in one nice compact. 

Revlon Nail Enamel ($4.99)
You can never go wrong with a Revlon nail polish. These are one of the bests drugstore nail polishes. Revlon always comes out with amazing limited edition shades and I will always find a color that I truly love. They are super easy to apply, very opaque, and dry super fast every time I use them. 

Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer ($3.49)
 This is just a bonus: I love this buffer! I'm actually about to use this right now while my nails are ready for a much needed manicure. I have a review of this here if you want to see more in detail what I thought, but here it is in a nutshell: It works, get it. 

A Revlon Brand Bests post was fun! I hope you enjoyed this as well!

What are your favorite products from Revlon? Share below.

♥ Stephanie


  1. Awesome post! I love the colorburst lipsticks! They are some of my true favorites! :D

  2. i love the colourburst and super lustrous gloss <3

  3. I really like Revlon! Let's see, yes I love their lippies and lip glosses. I also really like their liners and they have some pretty good shadow palettes out.

  4. Revlon is most probably one of my favorite drugstore brand i love their foundation , and lip products. Great post :)

  5. I love Revlon! ;) Have you tried their cream blushes? I hit pan on one of them a couple of days ago, which is shocking, as I have way too many blushes lol x