MIX:BAR Eau De Parfum Scent Discovery Set - Review

April 16, 2021

Target has been coming out with a lot of new brands in the makeup section and MIX:BAR is one of them. The brand creates a different mix of scents that can be played around together or you can pick a fave and wear it on its own. This MIX:BAR Eau De Parfum Scent Discovery Set ($13.99) is a great way to try out all of the scents that are sold and which one you love the most. I love sets like this as gifts for those that like to create their own scent.



Here is some info about MIX:BAR and what the brand is about:

MIX:BAR gives you a new way to express yourself through fragrance, with scents for every mood, attitude or occasion, all crafted by the finest perfumers. Thoughtfully designed fragrances can be worn alone, but become even more beautiful when mixed and layered together- allowing you endless possibilities to create a new scent that's uniquely you.


The scents that are included are Tangerine Squeeze, Glass Rose, Coconut Palm, Cloud Musk and Vanilla Bourbon. All of the scents are strong in a good way and hours throughout the day. I like this brand because it is clean, vegan and cruelty free. I love that they are small spray bottles, which makes it easier to keep in my purse and use on the go. If you have seen this set at Target, definitely pick this up. 

- Stephanie

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