Which will win? Maybelline Sky High Mascara vs. Wet N Wild Big Poppa Mascara

March 16, 2021

 I wanted to compare these new drugstore mascaras and see which one I would end up most loving out of the two. I have a blog post of the Maybelline Sky High mascara and gave it a pretty rave review at the time. I did enjoy it and was happy with my purchase. That was until I bought the Wet N Wild Big Poppa Mascara. I thought I would pick this up and it was just going to be okay. Nothing would really top Maybelline Sky High. So what were my thoughts and which one is the overall winner? Find out more below.

After using both mascaras, here are my thoughts. The maybelline Sky High has a smaller, plastic bristle brush that distributes the mascara very evenly and helps to separate the lashes. Both brushes from both mascaras are made to really grab and coat the lashes with no trouble. The Wet N Wild Big Poppa mascara gives volume and length which is what the Maybelline Sky High was missing. After using Maybelline Sky High for longer, I noticed that it started to flake on me throughout the day. When I used the Wet N Wild one, I had no flaking or smudging. The Wet N Wild formula is also a more dry formula which my lashes seem to love and stay upright longer for. Even though Maybelline Sky High is a good drugstore choice for mascara, I have to say the winner is the Wet N Wild Big Poppa Mascara which was definitely a surprise.

Let me know what you think and have you tried either of these mascaras?

- Stephanie

Products mentioned were purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.

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