Blue Light Protection From Derma E - Shield Serum and Spray

January 20, 2020

 Derma E is making it easy to protect your skin from Blue Light that comes from your electronics and other devices. They have 2 new products that can help: a Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum and Blue Light Shield Spray. Both products are going to keep your skin nourished, re-balanced, and revived. These are products that I haven't seen done yet and I think they are so genius to own. Someone like me that is constantly on my phone and computer, these are perfect. Find out more info below on each one.

I want to first talk about the Derma E Blue Light Shield Concentrated Serum ($22.50). It is a concentrated mineral-rich serum the delivers skin-boosting moisture to help defend against environmental aggressors. Lutein is what helps provide a shield from blue light. I found the serum to be really hydrating for my dry skin. Even though my skin is sensitive, I found the serum to feel good and no reactions at all to it. I'm really happy with how my skin looks after using the serum. It gives the right amount of moisture without being too heavy. 

 The second product is the Derma E Blue Light Shield Spray ($16.95) which is the one I have been reaching for the most. This is a spray with the same ingredient, Lutein, which helps with battling the blue light devices. The Blue Green Algae Extract gives boosting moisture and helps skin to be more resilient. The Ginseng Root re-energizes and brightens your complexion making it perfect to use anytime to your skin feels like it needs a boost. I will use this once a day and I love how fine the mist is.

 Derma E Blue Light Products can be found at ULTA and other retails online

♥ Stephanie

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