Clean Skincare With Nuria - Review

December 29, 2019

 Nuria Skincare is a clean, cruelty free, and vegan skin care line with products that will help your skin feels its very best. They reached out to me to try a few products about a month ago and I have incorporated them into my skincare routine. I was able to try out their toner, eye cream and micellar water. All products that I already use from other brands, I just replaced them with these from Nuria. With my skin being dry and sensitive, it is important for me to introduce new products slowly to make sure that I don't have a reaction to anything. I have noticed a few differences in my skin since using these 3 products, which I will share below.

Before I get into the reviews of each product I tried, I am happy to see that the packaging sent to me is designed to be environmentally friendly and can be easily recyclable. I love then companies do this because it makes it great for the environment and on me knowing that I can recycle everything with ease.

First, I'm going to talk about the Nuria Hydrate Refreshing Micellar Water ($26). This is a no-rinse cleansing water that gets rid of oil, dirt, and makeup while still leaving your skin soft and clean. I have used Micellar Water products in the past and I love them. This one is great and I feel like my skin is very clean after using it. The product has a bit of a strong scent at first, but it goes away after a few minutes. It does remove everything, even waterproof makeup and mascara, which is great.

My favorite product from the three I tried was the Nuria Defend Triple Action Eye Cream ($40). This rich eye cream is made to remove the appearance of dark circles and reduce the look of puffiness. This is very smooth and really hydrates under the eyes without being too heavy. I like that it sinks into the skin within seconds and the area around my eyes feel moisturized. I also really like the packaging with the flat tip, making it easy to apply right where I need to. This doesn't have any scent to it at all and I appreciate that in skin care.

The last product I used in my skincare routine was the Nuria Hydrate Moisturizing Toner ($24). This gentle toner helps to soften, hydrate, and prep dry skin. This was a game changer for me and my dry skin. I always skip out on using a toner because I feel like some will strip my sensitive skin and make it more irritated. This helped my dry spots to disappear and hydrate my skin where it needed it. I'm very dry in my t-zone and this tone helped to keep it moisturized all day long. I would notice on days that I forgot to use or skipped that my skin would end up with that dry feeling. This has been my go-to toner ever since I started it.

You can find Nuria products on their website
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♥ Stephanie

Products mentioned were provided for review consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.

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