ColourPop No Filter Foundation: Worth It?

June 23, 2018

ColourPop has recently released a full range of foundations that I could not wait to order and try it for myself. The brand launched with 42 shade options which is really amazing. ColourPop is also making it easy to figure out what shade you are by letting you match by brand and either skin tone or undertone. I didn't have a hard time choosing and ended up with shade Medium 80 (warm foundation with golden yellow undertones). Find out how my experience went and if picking up this foundation is worth it.

The ColourPop No Filter Foundation ($12) comes in a glass packaging with a pump that can be locked to make it less messy. I found the pump itself to be good but not the best. It shoots the foundation out and can get a bit messy since the pump is white. Not a huge deal but it was something I noticed about it. The foundation formula is not too thick making it quite runny. Once applied, I felt it had more of a medium coverage vs. the full coverage they suggest. It can definitely be built up though with no problems. 

The finish of the foundation was very natural and looked nice on the skin. Even though my skin is more on the dry side, it didn't cling to spots or look cakey at all. After wearing the foundation all day and about 9 hours, it was still looking fresh and fading nicely. It was lightweight and it never rubbed off in places where I would touch my face. Even when the weather was hot it still held up really well and I have been excited about this foundation ever since I started using it.

So is this foundation worth it? Yes! If you are looking for a foundation with great coverage and lasting power, I would definitely recommend picking this up when making your next ColourPop order.

♥ Stephanie

Product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. I need to try this! Loving that $12 price tag.

  2. I hope it will! It would be a lot easier to get a hold of.

  3. Yes! It is so good.