Create Your Own Custom Fragrance With Scent Trunk

May 16, 2017

 Scent Trunk is a great way to create your own custom fragrance and doing so right at home. It works by starting with a test kit that comes with 6 core scents. These make it easier to know what types of smells you love or don't love. I was really interested to see what kind of scent I could custom make that would be the perfect fit for me. Find out more below!

 You start with the test kit and trying out the 6 core scents on your wrist. The 6 scents are: Citrus, Woods, Aromatic, Floral, Amber and Chypre. Once you decide on what you like and don't like, you can rate them on the website once you are ready. Floral and Citrus were my top rated, followed by Aromatic. Woods, Amber and Chypre were my bottom scents. It was really easy to use the website and let Scent Trunk know exactly what I was looking for.

After you rate the Scent Test, Scent Trunk will send you a 30 day supply of your custom fragrance for $11.99 per month. If you ever want to change up your scent for any reason, you can by letting them know through your account. The fragrance I received was the right amount of floral and citrus without being too strong. I was really pleased with how well the fragrance fit me as it should.

You can find out more about Scent Trunk on their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

♥ Stephanie

Product was sent for review consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.

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