Hard Candy Eye Essentials Collection Blue Set - Swatches and Review

November 9, 2016

 Hard Candy has some new makeup sets for the holidays which are always available at Walmart. The Eye Essential Collection comes with 2 eyeshadow palettes, 3 brushes, and a small pouch. This is the blue set and there is also a pink set. Makeup sets during the holidays can be good or bad, so I wasn't sure what to expect for the quality of the shadows. See more about everything below!

More information about the Hard Candy Eye Essentials Collection:
Fall in love with the Hard Candy Eye Essentials Collection Blue Makeup Set's purse friendly eye shadow palettes. Create that smoky look you desire for an evening out on the town or define your eyes with any of these coordinating shades for a natural look.

Each palette comes with 12 eyeshadows which sounds like a lot but most of them were so similar. In this palette, about 8 of the shades are silver/white shimmers that are quite similar to each other. The only one that stands out a bit is the middle grey silver shade that was more pigmented. The blue was a lighter blue than I expected while the purple was really nice and easy to blend. The two darkest shades were also pretty pigmented and worked out fine. I would of liked this palette more if it didn't have so many of the same shades. 

Now this eyeshadow palette was 10x better when compared to the previous one. I would honestly buy the set just for this palette. They are definitely all shimmery shades, but I love the color range and they are all pigmented. I didn't find there to be too much fall out and they were easy to apply over an eyeshadow primer. I was really pleased with this palette and how well the shadows worked.

The makeup brushes in the set are not going to be the greatest brushes out there. The only one I could actually use was the brow brush and comb. The other two were really stiff and were not soft at all. I do like the pouch though and would use it for small makeup items. I think what matters more is the eyeshadow palettes and how they perform. The set is so inexpensive that even if you buy the set for only one palette, your not really breaking the bank.

Hard Candy Eye Essentials Collection Blue Set retails for $4.88 and can be found exclusively at Walmart.

 Let me know your thoughts below!

♥ Stephanie

Product was sent for review consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.

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