World Record-Setting Decorations Return To Citadel Outlets

October 17, 2016

Starting now and running though the close of 2016, Citadel Outlets will be home to the world’s largest bow and world’s tallest tree. It might seem early for holiday decorations, but it takes time to get everything just right and ready in time. Find out more info below!

The world's largest bow is on display now and can be seen from almost every angle from the Citadel Outlets. The bow sits directly on top of Citadel Outlets iconic Assyrian wall, facing the Interstate 5 Freeway. It is 36 feet wide by 21 feet tall, with two 75-feet long tails that drape down the front of the building. The bow and its ribbons will be in Christmas lights, to light up the L.A. skyline.

The world's tallest tree is coming to Citadel Outlets starting tomorrow. The tree is 115 feet tall and sourced from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest. It is 20 feet longer than an NBA basketball court and 40 feet taller than the average Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York City. I have seen it in person for years and it is really an amazing experience to see it up close. It is now a family tradition that we go and see the world's tallest tree at Citadel Outlets.

I hope you do get a chance to see these great holiday decorations at some point this year. 

♥ Stephanie

Images and info was provided by Citadel Outlets.

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