Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color in Wisteria - Review

February 23, 2016

Hard Candy has many new products coming out for spring, including these new Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Colors. I found it recently at Walmart and decided to try the dark plum shade called Wisteria. The first thing I noticed about this was how it comes in a cute floral tin that also has a mirror inside. I was hoping to get good results and it be a true matte color that can be easily found at the drugstore. Find out my thoughts on this below!

I am so happy with how this matte lip color worked out. It comes with a slim and fairly long doe foot applicator that makes applying the color easy and glide onto the lips nicely. It's been hard to find a real matte lip color in the drugstore because some of the ones that are out say they are matte, but aren't actually completely matte. I love how matte this Hard Candy one is and that it feels amazing on the lips. Since it does have a mousse like consistency, it is a bit thicker so it does take a little longer to dry down. After that and wearing it for hours, I felt like my lips never dried out and it was really comfortable to wear. Also it smells like vanilla frosting which is a plus!

The only downside or something take in consideration is that it does transfer. Not terribly, but some of the color does come off a bit I think because it is a thicker formula. Most of the color I applied though did stay on my lips and like I said didn't feel drying at all. If you are debating on these, give them a try since I feel like they are worth it for being a true matte lip color.

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color retails for $6 and can be found exclusively at Walmart. 

♥ Stephanie

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