Bodyography Skin Products - Review

September 12, 2015

Here is a look at some of the Bodyography Skin products that I have been using for weeks now. These are mostly part of my night time skin care routine which is really important since that is the time that skin care product can really work best for the skin. There are three products I have more info about: Hydrating Mask, Night Treatment, and Overnight Serum. Find out about them below!

Bodyography Hydrating Mask ($32) - Formulated with age-defying antioxidant fruit and plant extracts, this remarkably active mask drenches and hydrates your skin, while improving the texture, and inturn reducing dryness and fine lines. Anti-Oxidants like Watermelon, Green Tea, and Apple fruit extract give your skin a healthy boost and beautiful natural glow. Your skin feels plump, soft, hydrated and ready to face the day after continued use.

 This Hydrating Mask has a silky texture when applying and it is not sticky at all. It has a sweet fruity fragrance to it which was not too strong but you can definitely smell the watermelon and apply fruit extract. Even thought it’s not a super thick product, it took some time to wash it off and my skin felt super smooth. I only used this once a week when my skin needed more hydration.

Bodyography Night Treatment ($49) - An elegant night treatment that locks in moisture as it combats the appearance of existing and future lines and wrinkles. Your skin will have increased firmness and tone, as well as a smoother and less lined appearance. Peptides, Wild Yam, and Phospholipids are a few of the active ingredients that nourish your skin to promote collagen and improve your skin’s quality and appearance over time.

The night treatment was my favorite of the three. It has a nice fresh scent which I prefer more than the fruity or sweeter fragrances. This was the thickest product since it is a night treatment for your skin. I applied this last after I did the mask and used the serum. This took a longer time to absorb but in the morning my skin felt great and more moisturized than before.

Bodyography Overnight Serum ($51) - An intense anti-aging Overnight Serum delivers a concentrated form of collagen amplifiers that work overnight to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. This Overnight Serum contains a high percentage of Bamboo and Pea Extract as well as Glucosamine HCI that fight off free radicals, preventing new wrinkles from forming, and promote skin renewal. When used nightly, Overnight Serum will diminish the visual signs of aging and give your skin the necessary elements to look revitalized when you wake.

 The Overnight Serum has a bit of a strong fragrance which took me some time to get used to. This is lightweight and not greasy at all. It absorbs quickly into the skin keeping it hydrated. After using this for over 2 weeks, I found that it made me skin smoother and softer.

Bodyography Skin Products can be found on the Bodyography website.

♥ Stephanie

Products mentioned were provided for review consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. I wish the night treatment was in an airless pump. I hate jar packaging. It all sounds nice though!