Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Sponge - Review

September 11, 2014

It definitely looks like a dupe for the well known Beauty Blender, but is it? I ended up buying this a couple of weeks ago and have been trying it out to see how well it can blend my makeup and how it compares to the Beauty Blender. I expected this to be useful and something that I can switch between when using my other sponge. Find out my thoughts below!

More information on the Love & Beauty Makeup Sponge:This egg-shaped makeup sponge is the perfect tool for dabbing on foundation - and its bright color and easy packability will streamline your morning routine.   Okay, I probably should of known better than to buy a cheaper makeup sponge and know that it wouldn't compare to the Beauty Blender. I thought that it would at the very least be able to blend out my makeup since that is what its main job is. When I first felt the sponge, it felt like a rubber ball. I even bounced it a few times on my desk and it actually bounced around like a ball. So the texture so not overall great. It also had a rubber smell, not sure if that was just mine but it was really bad. I thought, okay as long as it does the job than I can deal.  Nope. It didn't do anything to my makeup and it mainly just soaked up my foundation and stained it. I think curiosity got the best of me and this makeup sponge failed. If you are looking for something like the Beauty Blender, you just have to invest like you would on makeup brushes and buy it. I would definitely skip this purchase if I were you. Forever 21 Love & Beauty Makeup Sponge retails for $3.90 Let me know if you have tried this makeup sponge or which makeup sponge you recommend?   ♥ Stephanie   

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