Chella Beauty Heated Eyelash Curler - Review

October 10, 2012

I have always been curious about heated eyelash curlers, but I will be honest and say that some of them look scary to use. They are usually bulky and you have to crimp your lashes into the curler as it heats your lashes. I was introduced to this heated eyelash curler by Chella Beauty at the Bewell Expo I went to a couple weekends ago. I tested it there and immediately after using it, I knew I needed it. Read on to see more pictures and my review!

Here is more information about this heated eyelash curler: 
Say Goodbye to the crimping and pinching caused by traditional lash curlers. This sleek, safe, and gentle heating wand is essential to enhance the appearance of your lashes. Designed to be used after mascara application, this curler gently warms lashes to deliver long lasting curl. You can now achieve the maximum curl without damaging your eyelashes for a beautiful & polished look.

Chella Skin Care Heated Eyelash Curler is about the size of a pen, and very easy to use. You turn it on and let it warm up for 20 seconds. Then you put it against your lash line and pull up slightly. Once you get to the middle of your lashes, you stop and wait 10 seconds. Once the 10 seconds is done, you move the curler up slowly to the tips of your lashes until done. Repeat on the other side and that's it! I get a perfect curl every time and my lashes stay curled all day long.

Once done, you wipe it clean with a cloth to get any mascara off. This is the only way my super straight lashes will stay curled all day! Definitely recommend this curler if you are looking for one that heats up and that is easy to use. 

Chella Beauty Heated Eyelash Curler retails for $20 and can be found online.

♥ Stephanie

Product was provided by company for review consideration. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Cool product! Thanks for the review(:

  2. Great review! I always thought heated curlers looked scary, too but after seeing your review, I might give one a go. ;)

  3. ~ Thanks for this post!. I am always looking for tips about eyelashes, mascara, as I have really such super straight lashes and when a curl lasts makes my eyes look bigger and gorgeous.. I so love sharing with others about great products I have tried ~ The best ever`` eyelash curler I have ever found is the Hot Lashes eyelash curler, makeup Artist kit. Loved the reviews on Amazon and was impressed. There is also a site of the same name Hot This curler is exactly like the gold Shu Uemura curler with a sturdy 24K gold plated curler and this small pink heater base. Keeps my straight lashes curling till the next day....and no crimp, only a curl..I so HTH~

  4. I've had mixed success with heated curlers. Looks great for you!

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