Stuff You Might Not Know About Me

March 22, 2012

 Huge thanks to Jen from My Beauty Bunny for tagging me. I'm going to be listing some things about myself and hopefully you get to learn some stuff about me that you may not know. I will also tag some people at the end of this post.

The Rules
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus eleven questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose eleven people and link them in your tag.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs.
6. You legitimately have to tag.

1. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA
 2. I am an only child, which growing up I stuck around my cousins a lot. 
3. I have a daughter named Laila, who is 3 years old.
4. I was born on May 19th 1987, which I've read is in the Taurus-Gemini cusp. I can tell my personality can go either way during certain situations so I believe I can be both.
5. I decided to go back to school as of last year, and I am majoring in Journalism.
6. I love to bake. Cupcakes preferably.
 7. 2 months ago I quit drinking diet soda. I was so addicted to the caffeine it was making me super anxious. Feels so much better now that I don't drink it.
8. Right out of high school I went to beauty school for Cosmetology and graduated.
9. I know how to play poker (blackjack), which my Dad showed me how when I was young.
10.I have zero tattoos, which I hope to change that very soon.
11. I live in sunny California, but I really love when it rains. Just as long as it stops as some point. Haha

Now, questions from Jen:
1. What is your favorite skincare product? My favorite skin care product has to be Aveeno Ultra Calming Foam Cleanser. I have been using it for a few years now and I love it. It doesn't dry out my skin and evens out my skin tone.
2. If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be? I would be a Labrador Retriever. They are loving, good with people and kids, and dependable.
3. What is your favorite candle scent? Anything peach. That's a weird scent that most people don't like, but I'm drawn to it.
4. If you could only eat one type of vegetable for the rest of your life, what would it be? Green beans.
5. Manicures, pedicures or both? Definitely both.
6. What’s the one spa treatment you will splurge on? Back massage which I try to get at least two a year.
7. Favorite song from the ’80s? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper
8. Worst fashion trend ever? The tribal trend. I could not and still can't get into that one.
9. What superpower do you wish you had? Be able to be invisible.
10. What type of makeup do you put on every time you leave the house – if any? (Or most of the time anyway.) Mascara, liquid eyeliner, concealer, foundation, and lipstick.
11. What part of your face or body do you love the most? Probably my eyes. They are dark brown and big, my daughter has my eyes too. :)

Here is who I tag:
Jacqueline from A Brilliant Brunette
Sara from The Makeup Snob
Vicki from LV Makeup
Silvana from Glitz Glam Budget
Anna from iheartmakeupart
Joann from LuckyDuckyLoves
Olivia from Olivia Frescura
Crystal from Lip Gloss Gossip
Kelsi from Kelsi Does Hair
Krystal from Polish Galore

And now for my questions for the people I tagged:
1. What is your number one makeup product that you must have at all times?
2. Do you have any pets? What kind and what are their names?
3. What is a hobby of yours besides blogging?
4. If you could go to one place in the world right now where would you go?
5. What is your favorite music band?
6. Who is a big inspiration to you in your life?
7. Are you nails polished or not polished right now? If polished, what color?
8. Flats or heels?
9. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?
10. What is a makeup pet peeve of yours?
11. If you could eat one thing for a week straight, what would it be?

Have fun with this tag! Comment and send me the link once you have done this, so I can read your answers! :)

♥ Stephanie


  1. Thanks so much for tagging me, girl! Here are my answers:

  2. So happy you did the tag! Loved your answers! :)