Maybelline Limited Edition Fashion Week Spring 2012 Lipstick Swatches - 2 Shades

February 25, 2012

I was super excited to find these limited edition lipsticks that are part of the Maybelline Fashion Week collection. These are two shades out of the four that are available. I usually will jump at anything orange/coral right now, so I'm surprised at myself that I went with pinks. This is just going to be a quick post to show swatches and what I have thought of them so far. 

These lipsticks have been really moisturizing and the colors are vibrant and bright. Which makes me more excited about Spring when I see these! With 30 Tigerlily Treat, I do kind of have to put a gloss over it because the way the pink looks on my skin tone kind of washes me out. With 40 Fuchsia Fresia, it is the complete opposite. The color looks great and I can wear this just by itself, definitely compliments my skin tone.
These were $7.99 at CVS, and the display had a tear pad with $1 off coupons for one product. So I used two coupons when I bought these. It was like they were $6.99 each.

Have you seen these in stores? Let me know!

♥ Stephanie


  1. i wish they had the same in the uk as they are in the US. You have so much more variety!

  2. Tigerlilly is so pretty I reviewed that one already on my blog, but looking at your pic of fushia fresia and I might have to get that as well :)

  3.  I saw your post on them and now I want coral carnation. Lol :D


  5. I'm a sucker for pink lipsticks and limited edition, so these definitely appeal to me. Fun colours and they look nicely pigmented too.