Purminerals Foundation Primer in Green - Review

December 29, 2009

I have noticed as I am getting older, my skin is getting a lot more sensitive and fairly more redness as well. I always just covered up the redness with concealer and then foundation on top. But sometimes doing that I would really have to maake sure it was blended really well. If not, it could look really caked on and blah.

When Purminerals wanted to send me a product to try of theirs, I asked if I could try their foundation primer in green. They did and I will buy this again and again. I love it so much!

Features & Benefits of Colour Correcting Foundation Primer in Green:

- Conceals redness due to acne and other skin imperfections.
- Evens skin tone.
- Diminishes skin imperfections.
- Smoothes out skin texture.
- Use of Titanium Dioxide softens skin.
- Silicone-based formula.
- Naturally fragranced.

I completely fell in love with this stuff! Its very light, yet erases any redness from your face. I have redness around the corners of my nose and a little on my cheeks. I used this after I washed my face and all the redness was gone. I wore it alone for a few days. Then when I was going somewhere, I wore it under my foundation and it was flawless. So amazing!!

Check it you here on their website. Do you have any redness in your skin? What do you use to conceal? Let me know! :)

♥ Stephanie

Balmshell Review

December 25, 2009

Well hello to all my amazing readers! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas/Holiday! Mine was very relaxing and had a great time with family. Now, for me, it's time to get back on track in the blogging world.

I was sent a Balmshell lip gloss and a few samples of other colors to review. I really like the way the lipgloss smells and the way it looks on. It's very sheer where you could wear it alone or I if you wanted, could wear it over a lipstick to give you extra shine.

Here are just a few of the colors they offer. Aren't they cute?! One side has the lipgloss, and the other side has a moving illustration unique to each shade and story line. I used to have one of those on a keychain and used to love it before I lost it =/

Here is the color I got (Shopaholic):

And I love this, when your done with the lipgloss, you can unscrew the illustration and attach it to the keyring that comes with it! I want to get all of them. hehe =D

More about the lipgloss: Every color is very wearable, anytime of anyday. I thought it would be sticky. Not sticky at all. Balmshell is slightly flavored with a hint of natural fruity vanilla which I really like. Also it's very moisturizing for being a lip gloss. It's kind of like a lipgloss and lip balm in one. Very practical. Even for some girls that don't wear a lot or any makeup at all, this is for them.

So you can actually get them at sephora! Or check them out on their website as well!
Let me know if you have tried them, or what you think =)

♥ Stephanie

China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns - Part 2

December 13, 2009

Alright, so Im sure you already saw part 1, now here are the last 3 that are in the collection.
The pics didn't come out as great, but as long as you can see the true color of each one, then the pictures should be fine.

The Ten Man

This color is a very true, almost platinum silver. I have left this color on my nails for now. It is the most amazing silver EVER!

Cowardly Lyin'

Glittery Gold. Too great for words. Seriously!

Ruby Pumps

Now let me explain why this one looks different. This ruby red with glitter was so hard to photograph for me. Everytime I would take the picture, it would come out like a solid bright red! oh no, not the color at all! Finally had to use a white background with no flash and THIS picture is the exact color of the ruby red. So glad at the very end I got the picture right. I will be wearing this color on christmas! =D

So there you have it! Im no nail pro at these nail swatches, so I hope you enjoyed!

♥ Stephanie

China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Returns - Part 1

Hello hello!! So who is excited about this collection? I certainly am! China Glaze decided to return this beautiful collection and so happy they did! It first came out in 2001 and now is being re-released in Spring 2010. So I'm doing this in 2 parts.. Just cause I need to still do the other swatches and didn't want to wait to put these up!

Good Witch?

For being a pink, which I try desperately not to wear too much pink, I would wear this color a lot! The most amazing pink ever!


This is the best picure I could get that was so close to the color. This purple is beyond amazing in person. Believe me!

Dorothy Who?

This blue nail polish has the most glitter I have seen! I love love love this blue!! Thats it. You just need it.

Okay so there are the first 3 from the collection. Let me know in the comments what you think! Hopefully you tend on buying these!!! Everyone needs these!

♥ Stephanie

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