Threading, Waxing, Tweezing, OUCH!

October 23, 2009

Hey everyone! So I wanted to do a post strictly about the brows. A lot of times we do so many posts about eye shadow, mascara, liners, etc. that the brows are forgotten.

Everyone has their own way of getting their eyebrows done.

I personally always get my eyebrows threaded. Have you ever tried it? I personally love it better than waxing. The wax used to make my eyebrows so irritated and red, it took about 2 hours to fade away and be normal. When I get them Threaded, they still get red (only because I have really sensitive skin) but goes away within 15 mintues. I also notice when I get them threaded, the re-growth is slower which is always good.

But everyone's experience will be different. So I want to know, what do you do to your eyebrows? Do you ever thread them? Wax them? Just tweeze them yourself? Let me know!! I cant wait to read your answers!

♥ Stephanie

Nailene Review

October 14, 2009

Hey everyone! It raining here in California! If you follow me on twitter you know I love the rain! So, what better thing to do but do my nails. Being on a budget, I can't afford getting a manicure like I used to all the time. Plus being a mom, no time either.

I tried Nailene products for the first time this week. I have to honestly say that their products are so simple to use, and not messy at all. The first thing that caught my attention, was the packaging. I love how everything is easy! Other nail packages I have used, I barely open it and everything goes everywhere. not fun. But Nailene's packaging is so easy to take everything in and out.

Here are my nails plain and blah:

And here are my nails using Nailene:

What I liked were the French Polish Guides. They work really well and make the white nail polish straight everytime! Another great thing, is that the polishes dry so fast!! I was amazed! I did my whole manicure within 15 minutes and they were completely dry!

No negatives here. I was really impressed. I will be doing more with Nailene, so you can see different products that are all great =)

Check them out here:

♥ Stephanie

Urban Decay Shadow Box Swatches

October 13, 2009

Hey Lovelies! I don't own a lot of Urban Decay so I was super excited to get this shadow box. I have to admit that now I am addicted and want everything! I personally love this box because of the amazing and vibrant colors. Here are some pictures.

The whole set includes:
6 eye shadows named:
Top Row: Snatch, Mildew, Flash
Bottom Row: PainKiller, Smog, Toasted
24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero
Mini Shadow Primer Potion
For = $30! Worth it!

Here are swatches:

In person, Pain Killer is the brightest blue I have! It is beyond vibrant! I love all of them though. Looks coming soon =D

Hope you beauties and doing fab!

♥ Stephanie

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