Review - Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Buffing Beads

September 16, 2011

Taking care of your skin is so important. Having great skin will benefit in many ways. For your face, great skin will be better for your makeup to apply more evenly. For your body, it will make your skin smoother and more healthy. So I was really interested in trying this product, the Anti-Aging Buffing Beads by Peter Thomas Roth.
Here is how the product is described on their website:
Infused glycolic acid complex, salicylic acid and botanical brighteners to help produce beautiful, fresh, youthful looking skin. Ultra-fine jojoba beads work in two ways. First, they help exfoliate surface dead skin cells without irritation, allowing active treatment products to penetrate better. Then, the ultra-fine jojoba beads help refine skin texture and smooth out fine lines.

My Review:
 The first thing I noticed, were the beads. They were very small and very easy on my skin. Didn't feel harsh at all which was nice. I have very sensitive skin, so I thought I was going to have to put less pressure when applying. I didn't have to do that, the beads felt nice. After working it into my skin, I rinsed the product off. My skin felt super smooth and soft which I expected. I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to get an irritation or anything of that sort. Nothing like that has happened. I only use this once or twice a week, just because I don't want to over exfoliate.
It also has a faint smell, a fresh but subtle scent that doesn't linger at all. Which I'm sure it is supposed to do that, being this is just buffing beads and not a shower gel. The price, I do have to say, is worth what you are going to get. It cost $36.00 for 8.5fl oz. If you have skin like mine, you are only going to use this twice a week. The bottle to me looks like it will last about 2 months. I have also used this on my face, and I actually have noticed it looks a bit brighter then before. For the "Anti-aging" part of this, I can't really say for sure about that. Only because I haven't been using it for that long. I feel like that's more of a long-term conclusion that I would have to come back and update. I definitely think the price is a bit overpriced, but you do get quality product for the price.

Let me know what you think! 

♥ Stephanie

Product was provided by company for review consideration.

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