Review - NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Sierra

July 18, 2011

 Since these NYX Matte Lipsticks are fairly new, I figured I would review this one that I have in the color Sierra. I don't wear matte lipsticks a lot, I kind of have to be in the mood for them. Plus my lips tend to be on the dry side all the time no matter what I do, so I try to avoid them.

Here is how they are described on the NYX website:
NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated lipsticks that glide on smoothly, stay put and impart a non-glossy, high-fashion matte finish as they envelop lips in brilliant color. From Pure Red to Nude, Matte Lipstick is available in 22 rich, shades.
Here is the color Sierra
Picture of color from NYX website.
 My Review:
This lipstick is definitely well pigmented. I didn't have to use a lot or keep building the color which was great. Only a few swipes and I was good to go. It's a matte lipstick, so of course it looked drying on lips being a matte lipstick, but it didn't seem to really sink into my lips like some matte lipsticks can. Where they end up showing every single line in your lips. Matte lipsticks personally bother me, I have no idea why. I like them and then I don't. It's a weird relationship. Haha. I do want to buy a few more colors that look interesting on the website, so I must be liking them a bit more. I will only buy NYX in stores around my town, so I will wait until I see them at a mall near me or a store.
I have to say that these would be great to include in a kit because of the great price. They are $6 each and there are 22 shades ranging from shocking pink to natural. I think they are great quality and affordable, as a lot of NYX is.
So there is my review! Hopefully this was helpful to you. 
What do you think of these Matte lipsticks by NYX?

♥ Stephanie


  1. I really want to try it out.. . I'm going to have to stop by my beauty salon and pick up some more NYX products :)

  2. Stephanie, dear, I cannot view your photos. I've read skin care reviews about these products and the verdict is the same. Quality matte lipsticks are hard to find.


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