N.Y.C. Color Cosmetics Sparkle Eye Dust in Sunkissed Sand Review

July 21, 2011

N.Y.C. Color Cosmetics has their Summer collection out and I picked up this Sparkle Eye Dust right when I saw the display. There are two eye dust colors that are available, in Topaz Shimmer and Sunkissed Sand. I decided to go with the more bronze gold type color since it seemed more of a "go-to" eyeshadow. The packaging that these eye dusts are in, are completely different. 

Here is how the eye dusts are described on the N.Y.C. website:
This unique pot and ingenious built-in brush are the perfect duo for professional application wherever you are. Its ultra soft formula, which is highly concentrated in multi-reflective pearls, creates maximum iridescence, for a shimmering look that lasts.
Here is the color quickly swept on my eyelid:
Here is how it looks inside.
They are definitely unique indeed. The built-in brush caught me off guard, I had no idea there was a brush inside. You are supposed to shake it up, open it, take the brush out, and it will have the eyeshadow on it already. After using this quite a few times, I have to say that I can't get used to the brush. It feels stiff and not that pleasant on my eyelids. It's kind of scratchy and doesn't apply the shadow very well. I had to use my own brush which made the shadow show up way better. I feel like for the amazing price, $3.99, they are something that are very interesting. Would I buy it again or in another color? No, probably not. I just can't get used to the packaging.

So there is my review. Let me know what you think!

♥ Stephanie


  1. Pretty, I like! I would not like the brush though, that would annoy me. Urban Decay's pigments are like that, I just take whatever brush I want to use and collect the pigment off the built in brush. 


  2. i used their beige one for YEARS, i loved it! I loved it as a good base too....great to see their products again! xxx

  3. I had no idea the UD pigments were like that! How are they without the brush? I've never tried them.

  4. That looks just great! sadly they didn't thought of a better packaging! XO


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